Week of May 31 – Jun 6

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


The economic case for Brexit

We would be better off out, in terms of jobs, wages and growth – and the cost of leaving would be smaller than its benefits.

How many more industries does the EU intend to damage in the UK?

Amidst all this unreal talk from remain about possible future damage to business if we dare to leave the EU, there is a stunning silence about all the damage our EU membership has already done to many  businesses. Remain claims to have perfect foresight over future damage if we leave, but complete memory loss over all the actual known damage done by staying in.


This referendum campaign has harmed our party’s reputation, and I’ll be glad when it’s over.

Plus: Sorting out energy. Protection from Putin. And: furthering the single market.


Making working people’s lives more secure is the only way to defeat populism

Trump in the US, Le Pen in France, Hofer in Austria and Brexiteers in the UK all draw strength from the same source.

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