Week of Nov 10 – 16

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Throwing money at Africa won’t solve the migrant crisis

Whatever the outcome of the Paris attacks, the mass migration hitting European shores will continue

What Jeremy Corbyn really wants is for Britain to do nothing about killers like Jihadi John

The Labour leader’s bizarre statement that Mohammed Emwazi should have faced trial is just part of his doctrine of willed powerlessness

Robert Fisk: ‘We remain blindfolded about Isis’ says the man who should know

Brian Keenan was held by Shia Muslims loyal to Hezbollah in Lebanon


Paris terror attacks: The West is at war with a death cult – we must join together to stamp it out

In Islamist terrorism we face a violent and highly contagious madness that believes the killing of civilians is a moral act

The end of Schengen. And six other consequences of the Paris horror.

A boost for Len Pen. A blow to Merkel. More Europe-wide security measures. No Commons vote on bombing Syria. And, more distantly, the end of free movement?


After Paris, Europe may never feel as free again

The horrific events in Paris sound the death knell for European liberalism

Death in Paris

We all send our sympathies to the people of Paris who faced a series of barbarous attacks last night. Our thoughts are with the families who have lost loved ones.

The Corbynites would have let Jihadi John live

The total scumbag “Jihadi John”, the British misfit Mohammed Emwazi turned ISIS jihadist who became infamous for his role in a series of murderous videos, may have been killed in a strike by American forces. The US is 99% it got him. Here’s hoping they didn’t miss. The only downside, tweeted someone on hearing the news, is that it is too early to have a glass of champagne to celebrate.

Jeremy Hunt is spoiling for a fight. He’s picked the wrong one

The Health Secretary’s quest for a ‘seven-day-a-week NHS’ is fundamentally misconceived


Why Osborne is right to aim for a surplus

He cannot wave away the possibility, even the likelihood, of recession returning before 2020.

A group of Hampstead residents are crowd-funding their own police force. What a brilliant idea

“Donate £15 toward my heart transplant and I’ll send you a copy of my CT scan. Donate £50 and you’ll be entered into a prize-draw to receive my new heart if I die on the operating table!”

A small-town tax efficiency revolution? What an excellent idea

The Welsh businesses which have banded together to exploit the tax advantages of multinationals could be pioneers for big society, small-government activism.

There’s only one way to find out if Corbyn is fit to be Prime Minister: did he kneel in front of Her Majesty?

Corbyn wants to stop wars because he can’t be bothered to bow when asked to respect those killed in them

How a centrist Tory leader won a landslide victory over left-wing Labour – 80 years ago tomorrow

Nearly every observer expected the same result – a Conservative win with a reduced majority. This as found to be in error when the votes were counted.


Sweden is last year’s lodestar. It’s time to look at Finland.

This other Nordic country is doing a lot to tackle homelessness.


Most people don’t join trade unions for left-wing politics, but to improve their lives – I know I did.

If we are to be the party of the worker, then we must also be the party of the workplace – and the workplace representative.

Why American exceptionalism matters

For all its imperfections, America remains the world’s indispensable nation

The contrast between a purposeful Government and a chaotic Opposition becomes ever more stark

The ideology that now lies at the heart of Labour would be deeply damaging to this country – it must be defeated.

Labour’s Simon Danczuk under fire over economy class flight snub

Today Simon Danczuk has come under fire for reportedly pulling out of a parliamentary trip to China at the last minute, after discovering he would have to travel in mere economy class.

That letter to Donald Tusk

The very deed of having to write a letter to Donald Tusk about how we chose to govern the UK should alert UK voters to the profound change in our democracy and constitution put through by stealth in various EU Treaties. Each voter should learn of the plans for political union in the 5 Presidents Report on the future of the EU and the Euro, and ask how can the UK fit into such a far reaching constitution?

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