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Is the fight against environmentalism the new Cold War?

Dominic Sandbrook’s maddeningly brilliant Cold War Britain showed it’s tricky when your enemy is not in plain sight

Hunt makes the political weather – but the real weather is a threat to him

David Cameron was welcomed as “a God” by Tamils during his visit to northern Sri Lanka, but in British domestic politics it continues to be the Health Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, who dominates. Paul Goodman described Mr Hunt yesterday as “the man with a plan”noting the return of the traditional family doctor. Patients (or initially those aged over 75) will have a named GP who will be accountable for their care.

A proper GP can be a pain in the wallet

If we want to bring back the days of real family doctors, then someone has to pay


Jeremy Hunt – the man with a plan

The Health Secretary’s target-scrapping deal with the doctors aims to improve care and relax A & E pressures – through a new regime of autonomy, inspection and transparency.

George Galloway’s one-man mission to save the Union

‘If you’re not afraid, you should be’ — Galloway’s tub-thumping makes the government’s campaign look like a pussy cat


Help to Buy is immoral because it encourages ordinary people to risk ruin

No wonder Tory backbenchers have nicknamed this disreputable ploy Help to Vote.


Now we know how many members the Conservative Party has, work begins to rebuild the machine

Grant Shapps starts a new drive for more members, better data and a renewed grassroots.

Osborne cultivates his two-tier message about the economy

Tier 1: We’re back on the path to prosperity. Tier 2: But that path is still a long and arduous one.


David Cameron: Britain needs a ‘culture change’ to get behind business

Prime Minister David Cameron delays Autumn Statement to visit China in a bid to boost British trade with the emerging superpower

Conservatism must be about both statistics and people, competence and compassion

Cameron is right to personalise his message – but he should combine it with mastery of the numbers.

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