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Week of Nov 15 – 21

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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Autumn Statement: UK economy must be watertight, says Hammond

The UK economy must be “watertight” to cope with “sharp” challenges ahead of Brexit, Chancellor Philip Hammond has said, days before the Autumn Statement.


May must act now to prevent a war of attrition sabotaging Brexit

Die-hard Remainers have a clear strategy. The Prime Minister must move swiftly and decisively to defeat it.

Philip Hammond must signal genuine change, not tinker at the edges

The chancellor cannot just blame Brexit in the autumn statement – many of the problems we face were introduced by his predecessor’s heavy-handedness


Watch out for this weekend’s French Republican primary

Its winner may well face Marine Le Pen in next year’s presidential showdown

Jeremy Corbyn’s brother says Trump’s views on climate change are ‘excellent’

Jeremy Corbyn’s own brother has said climate change is little more than “half-baked physics” and backed Donald Trump’s opposition to global warming.


Simply throwing money at our broken prison system won’t deliver the required reform

Whether Truss’s inspiration is May on policing or Gove on schools, the only way ahead is a challenging radicalism.

The absence of climate change as a leading topic in the election was a failure of the media – and it’s now their responsibility to get Americans talking about it


Conservatives must make middle-class lifestyles attainable

Helping hard-working people get the homes, services, and security they deserve should be at the front of the Chancellor’s mind as he prepares the Autumn Statement.

Revealed: the Institute for Government’s Europhile links

This week the Times splashed on a report by the Institute for Government branding Theresa May’s Brexit plans ‘chaotic and dysfunctional’. The research group claimed that Whitehall is overwhelmed by the size of the task ahead and expressed concerns about its feasibility.


If Jeremy Corbyn isn’t ready to be nice to President Trump, he is wasting everyone’s time

That screeching sound you can hear – it’s been going on since last Wednesday. When will it stop, I wonder?

You can be against the ‘elite’ and still be rich and privileged

Many people have remarked that the image of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage posing by the former’s golden elevator doors epitomises the hypocrisy over populists attacking the ‘elites’. Likewise the Guildhall dinner in which Theresa May told an audience dressed in dinner jackets about globalisation and its discontents. These are the ‘anti-elitists’ who now stand up for the people, they sneer. This is to confuse money with status.


How to spend on infrastructure wisely and well

Housing, roads and networks are three priorities for the Autumn Statement.

Hard or soft? Labour doesn’t care, as long as it’s a McDonnell Brexit

While the rest of our fellow citizens get on with their lives as they have always done, our political classes get on with depicting the world as they want others to see it, not necessarily as it actually is.

Open letter to Mr Trump

Dear President elect. Congratulations on your election…

Trump will aid us in leaving the EU

The very fact of a US President who is positive about Brexit is a remarkable change.

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