Week of Nov 17 – 23

By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


David Cameron: We will defeat terrorism, and the poisonous ideology that fuels it

With this defence spending review, Britain is putting its money where its mouth is to fund strong security and global efforts to boost democracy

Defence review: Cameron takes Corbyn to task over national security

David Cameron’s initial statement to the Commons on the Strategic Defence and Security Review was a rather high-minded affair. Cameron talked about how the world was an even more dangerous place now than it was in 2010 and conceded that governments can’t predict the future, and that you had to ‘expect the unexpected’ when it came to national security.


Marine Le Pen’s power will grow after Paris, whatever voters do

The French establishment is on edge – if they lose control of the security situation, an unthinkable political event could be possible

When will our leaders face up to the truth that the EU is a gigantic sham?

The ideas behind the European project look even more hollow in the wake of the devastating terrorist attack in Paris

Progressive liberalism is the enemy of tolerance

Multicultural liberals are always trying to police debate. A tolerant society does not abandon the freedom to argue

It’s time to open a book on the next Labour leader

The knives may be out once and for all for Jeremy Corbyn

George Osborne has to persist with austerity, but must cut the menace

This week’s spending review will be a key test of the Tory party’s values, and is a chance to show it’s moved on from Margaret Thatcher


Our obsession with global warming will cost us dear

Amber Rudd has set out a plan to switch from coal to gas generation, but first she has to persuade the industry to finance the huge cost


Jeremy Corbyn has presided over Labour’s worst week ever. Until next week

Week by week, Labour is becoming more of a fringe irrelevance to the British public

If David Cameron wants to send troops into Syria, the voters are behind him

The Paris attacks have driven a significant increase in public support for British military action, especially if our allies are with us


Ken Livingstone, Jeremy Corbyn and the shaming of the Labour Party

Telegraph View: By refusing to sack his hateful ally, the Labour leader disgraces himself and his party


Isil wants us to abandon our way of life. Don’t let them win

Britain should have learnt by now that a knee-jerk response to extremism is ultimately self-defeating

Jeremy Corbyn must pick his side in the war on terror

The Conservative charge that Labour cannot be trusted to keep the country safe will stick as long as Corbyn leads Labour

The fight against Isis must be the war of the long haul

Ultimately there may be a military solution: a US-Russia alliance targeting Isis strongholds from the air and on the ground
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