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In defence of Dominic Grieve

We must be free to criticise each other’s faults if we are to live in a country rather than a balkanised airstrip.

How can banking still be a source of scandal so long after the crash?

There are alarming signs that people are behaving as if there were nothing really to learn from the bubble years

Does the narrow and regressive Tory party have a death wish?

Even David Cameron no longer affects to be a moderniser as Conservatives retreat to their comfort zones

Britain was meant to have sunk by now – and the developed world along with it. But the good thing about the future is you don’t know what it will bring


Shares in David Cameron are under-valued

It is possible, arguably even likely, that he will still be Prime Minister after 2015.

What rhetoric can do for you – and what you can do for rhetoric

In three years in power, the coalition has produced almost no memorable line. Should we be worried?

The Revd Paul Flowers ticked all the right ‘progressive’ boxes — that’s why he could get away with anything

Sustainability. Tick! Inclusivity. Tick! Fairtrade. Tick! All that mattered to Labour was the Crystal Methodist’s show of liberal piety

The cracks are starting to show between the Prime Minister and Chancellor

Far from ‘seeing eye to eye’, David Cameron and George Osborne are cut from different political cloth


If Cameron has changed his mind on global warming why doesn’t he just say so?

For months now Tory high-ups have been briefing that they are going to crack down on green taxes (taxes which they voted for, incidentally). Seven eco levies in particular have been identified, it is claimed. The Tories are going to get tough, just you wait and see. Oh yes, those green taxes are for the chop, any minute now …


After Mid-Staffs, the NHS needs whistleblowers – and whistleblowers need protection from the public

It is impossible, I would have thought, to have heard Debbie Hazledine’s account on the Today programme of her late mother’s mistreatment at Mid Staffs Hospital and not to have thought ill of the hospital in question. An institution in which such callousness thrived for so long must have few friends left, you might imagine. And yet the strangest thing about the Mid Staffs scandal is the defensive feeling it has inspired.

There is a “childcare crunch” – easing the rules on staff ratios would help

Insisting on a low ratio of children to adults means a shortage of providers and high charges

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