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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

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Helping people to learn English empowers individuals and strengthens communities

Women in particular suffer from being dependent on their husbands or children to translate for them.

Theresa May discovers the perfect answer to difficult Brexit questions

Theresa May has the perfect answer to all difficult questions: we don’t want to give away anything that will harm our position in the Brexit negotiations. No matter whether the information an MP is requesting has anything to do with Britain’s negotiating position: it’s a handy line to use when the answer is in fact ‘I don’t actually know’.

The politics of identity shakes the European continent

The Catalan crisis is deepening. The Catalan nationalists tried to engage the Spanish state in talks after their illegal referendum showed a strong vote for independence with other voters absenting themselves. Instead of offering them a legal way forward, the Spanish state proposes to  double up on its unpleasant  behaviour when they sent in the national police to try to prevent the vote, by  now threatening to close down the Catalan regional government.


If it won’t build houses, the Government should focus on policy for renters

George Osborne made a bogeyman of buy-to-let landlords, but making it harder and more expensive to supply rental housing is deeply counter-productive.

The opioid epidemic is crushing America’s middle class. We need action, not words

From afar, America’s opioid epidemic may seem like just another sensationalised scare story in a country constantly at war with drugs. But this is not a fad, nor an overblown segment on morning television. It is real, it is decimating entire counties, and it represents the summation of the country’s failures towards its own citizens over decades.


Let’s cut to it … lower taxes will lift growth

One of the great tragedies of our times is how the Government seems to look upon tax cuts as a historical curiosity. Theresa May is an accidental revolutionary: her government has been tasked with Brexit, and it feels unable to think the unthinkable in any other area.

Brexit can strengthen the Union – but only if handled well

Ministers must curb Whitehall’s instinct to hog all the powers it gets back from Brussels


Social care and the NHS

Social care largely delivered by Councils with the help of a range of contractors and service suppliers needs to work smoothly alongside the NHS. Councils have a vital role to play in helping reduce the burden on NHS hospitals. It is too easy to place elderly and infirm individuals into hospital where they should be safe, even though they do not need hospital treatment.

In the European parliament, we have made it clear that negotiations depend on credibility. The prime minister must start putting the national interest first

May should reshuffle her Cabinet to spark renewal

People want a new settlement, not establishment politics.


It’s breakthrough! No, it’s deadlock! Brexit talks latest.

The Government must keep talking; be as Ready on Day One as it can be (Deal or No Deal), and resolve its position on what economic, social and regulatory model it wants Britain to follow.

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