Week of Oct 24 – Oct 30

Looking at the news out of London each day.


Somali piracy: Armed guards to protect UK ships

Ships sailing under a British flag will be able to carry armed guards to protect them from pirates, the prime minister has announced

Appoint fewer minsters, MPs’ committee urges

The government has come under fire from a Commons committee for not appointing fewer ministers and aides.


Cameron rallies EU countries outside euro zone

Prime Minister David Cameron Friday said he would work with other European Union members outside the euro zone to ensure their interests are not compromised in efforts to fix the region’s sovereign debt crisis.


The Occupy protest at St Paul’s Cathedral – a parable of our times

The disgraceful closure of Wren’s masterpiece has been a debacle. The Church of England must urgently examine its values says a former Archbishop of Canterbury.

Europe: the plates are shifting – and David Cameron risks being stranded

As Europe is reshaped, both party and country are urging the Prime Minister to seize Britain’s moment.


Business Secretary Cable fined £500 for failing to pay £25,000

BUSINESS Secretary Vince Cable has been fined by the taxman for failing to pay up to £25,000 in VAT, The Sun can reveal.

Steve Jobs v Julian Assange: what makes a good biography?

The fact sales of Jobs’s life story are soaring yet few are tempted by Assange shows the bagginess of biography as a form

Private spaces are stifling protest

Occupy London’s struggle to find a public space for protest reflects the increasing private control of our towns and cities

UK population ‘to increase to 70 million by 2027’

The population of the UK is on course to reach 70 million over the next 16 years, official figures suggest.


Give firms freedom to sack unproductive workers, leaked Downing Street report advises

Companies should be given the right to dismiss unproductive workers without explanation, a leaked Downing Street report advises.

Tory demands on EU powers are impossible for Coalition, says Nick Clegg

The Conservative Party row over Europe put strain on the Coalition as Nick Clegg said it was “impossible” for the Government to deliver on Tory MPs’ demands over the European Union.

Wind farms shut because it’s too windy

NATIONAL GRID has been forced to ask wind farms to shut down for the second time in a MONTH – because it’s too windy.


Attorney general aims to limit European power over English law

Dominic Grieve to appear before the European court of human rights in Strasbourg to argue his case

EU referendum vote is wrong question at wrong time, says Hague

Foreign secretary speaks out as Commons prepares to debate motion calling for referendum on UK’s relationship with EU

EU referendum: poll shows 49% would vote for UK withdrawal

Some 70% of voters want a vote on Britain’s EU membership, Guardian/ICM poll shows

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