Week of Oct 6 – 12

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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


Labour directs its impotent fury at all but those responsible – itself

The rallying cry of ‘Tory scum’, like other senseless hatreds, is a mask for the party’s own inadequacies

Hang on to your hats – the referendum will be a bumpy ride

The timing will be very delicate, as Prime Ministers do not call referendums unless they are sure that they can win them

Toryism has found its heart – but must convince us it beats

David Cameron has talked up his party’s compassion. He needs to act fast to turn rhetoric into concrete policy


Geoffrey Howe was the tapestry-master of Thatcherism

Margaret Thatcher’s official biographer pays tribute to one of her most conscientious ministers – and the man who brought her down

Jeremy Corbyn: What a pity Labour’s new leader is a tongue-tied republican

While refusing to sing the National Anthem, he stood like a sulky sixth-former, causing great and needless offence

There’s no such thing as Left and Right any more – can we all agree on that?

Voters have turned their backs on the politics of the 20th century and want to hear grown-up answers to urgent practical matters

Scandal and incompetence stalk the SNP

Even as the faithful prepare to gather in Aberdeen, the party’s manifold flaws are beginning to show

Refugee crisis: Until there is meaningful strategic engagement in the Middle East, the exodus will continue

Nearly 2.5 million are spread across Turkey, either in camps or as guests of local communities. All of this has reportedly cost the Turks more than $6bn


As a lifelong Tory, I always knew what to vote – until the EU referendum

I’ve voted as my party told me to all my life. Now I genuinely can’t decide whether Britain should leave or remain

Auf Wiedersehen, Angela?

There is little meeting of minds between the Franco German controllers of the EU and its most detached and unhelpful member, the UK.  The meeting between Mr Cameron and Mrs Merkel did its best to bridge the large and growing gap between the UK and the continent, but the truth is the political Channel has just got a lot wider.


Boris, star of this week’s Conservative conference

Plus: What Heidi Allen said about him. And George Osborne. And Theresa May. Plus: Yes, Nicky Morgan could be the next Conservative leader.

David Cameron is half way to being our most progressive Prime Minister

For the first time, he now has a clear, credible and explicable agenda that can change Britain’s destiny

What would have been the result of a 1940 General Election?

From the point of view of 1945, the British political world of 1938-39 looked tawdry, and cowardly, but as far as we can tell the majority of people liked it at the time.

Of course it doesn’t matter what words Corbyn actually says…

Like Cameron, everyone can just pretend the Labour leader said something totally different


A reforming speech…and an enduring deficit

Grown-up Government continues and social reform is happening. But we are still living beyond our means.


Britain’s commitment to climate aid is immoral

There are other, far more severe issues to tackle first, from malnutrition to poverty


David Cameron will need a lot of luck to hold the Tories together

The election is already a distant memory as the PM tries to stop his party and country falling apart

The rebirth of Adonis is a demonstration of Osborne’s ambition

The Chancellor has acquired one of the few ministers who made a mark in the last Labour government – and a man with a genuine passion for transport

Theresa May’s immigration speech is dangerous and factually wrong

The Home Secretary is fanning the flames of prejudice in a cynical attempt to become Conservative leader

The Left has become locked in a death spiral

The hate-filled protests in Manchester are indicative of a party that is in danger of wiping itself out

Why study music?

Education equips you to be able to learn – so that you can do so for yourself.
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Across The Pond is edited daily by Steve Parkhurst. Steve is a political consultant, a writer at his blog as well as a Senior Editor here at US Daily Review. Follow Steve on Twitter  @SteveParkhurst

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