Week of Oct 3 – Oct 9

Looking at the news from London each morning.


In the past year the government has proven good at cauterising self-inflicted wounds. This morning’s announcement from Iain Duncan Smith on childcare stems another potential bleeder.


Osborne puts Cameron’s huskies on to a tight leash

It’s far from perfect but it’s another sign that George Osborne understands that green policies are (1) expensive for business, especially “the makers” he wishes to encourage and (2) unilateral green policies are futile in the absence of global agreements.


Conservative Party Conference 2011: Prime Minister sets out optimistic vision

David Cameron set out his optimistic vision for the future of Britain yesterday as he called for a radical overhaul of the economy, society and the state.


Conservative Party Conference 2011: pay off credit cards for the sake of the economy, says David Cameron

David Cameron will urge households today to pay off their personal debts to help Britain recover from what is “no normal recession”.

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