Week of Oct 31 – Nov 6

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Euro debt crisis: Greek PM George Papandreou to resign when new coalition government formed

Prime Minsiter George Papandreou and opposition leader Antonis Samaras locked in crisis talks to form a new government as eurozone leaders issue an ultimatum that a deal on a coalition must be sealed before a summit of finance ministers on Monday.

Rupert Cornwell: Is the American Dream at an end?

The US goes to the presidential polls a year from today, but there is little faith in the political system as recession bites

BP’s bid to clean up its act dealt blow by revelations in Russia case

Court documents show the oil giant appeared to regard its partners in a major deal as criminals

Union chiefs ‘hell bent on strikes’ says Danny Alexander

Cabinet minister Danny Alexander has accused some trade union leaders of being “hell bent” on strike action over changes to public sector pensions with little regard for the interests of their members.


Britain faces new isolation threat from eurozone ‘caucus’

Britain will be marooned inside a “permanent minority” in European Union decision making in just three years’ times after rule changes kick in on member states’ voting powers, according to a new report.

The moribund mainstream of politics risks letting loose the ghouls

Lib Dems no longer occupy the centre left, Labour is mired in the past. And so appears evil genius Nigel Farage

For women, the losses are more than financial

The government can’t afford to abandon female voters who, as a new report by various bodies shows, have been particularly badly hit by cuts


Reform, not strikes, will fix our public sector pensions crisis

It is hard to imagine a better deal than the one the Government has offered the trade unions.

Newcomer Ruth Davidson wins Scottish Tory leadership race

Scottish Conservatives have elected newcomer Ruth Davidson as their new leader.

Britain suing Europe to stop ‘benefit tourism’

The Government is to take the historic step of suing the European Commission to stem the growing tide of “benefit tourism”.


The government has surrendered to the unions on public sector pensions

Yesterday’s concessions by the Coalition, in respect of the public sector pensions negotiations, verge on an unconditional surrender to the unions, perhaps on a scale unprecedented in the history of public sector labour negotiations.

An attack on Iran would be disastrous

Britain must resist US pressure for military action. Even if Iran had nuclear weapons, engagement is the only course to take

Warsi slams Miliband for silence on strike

Labour-affiliated trade union Unison has confirmed strike action on 30th November, despite less than a quarter of balloted members actually voting to strike.

Bond Is Back: Name Of New 007 Film Revealed

The next James Bond film will be called Skyfall, the film’s producers have confirmed.


America’s problem with sex education

Given the comic failure of abstinence-only – 95% of Americans have premarital sex – isn’t it time the US got over its hangup?

David Cameron calls for G20 euro urgency

Prime Minister David Cameron called today for tomorrow’s G20 summit to show a sense of “urgency” over the implementation of measures to resolve instability in the eurozone.


Renewable confusion

The sudden cut in subsidies for the solar energy industry has been clumsily handled but is a victory for Chancellor George Osborne in his battle against green taxes.

ID afore ye go

Diane Taylor’s thwarted purchase of a bottle of whisky at a One Stop Shop in Harlow reveals a compliant Britain, rather than a free one.

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