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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

Looking at the news and opinion out of London each day.


It’s easy to say that Aylan Kurdi died due to our lack of compassion. But the reality is far more complicated

Just a thought: what if Aylan Kurdi, the poor drowned three year old child whose picture changed Europe – we are told – when it comes to the fate of Syrian refugees, had been, say, Afghan rather than Syrian? Or Eritrean, or indeed Pakistani? Quite possible, you know. Perhaps half of the migrants coming to Europe across the Mediterranean are not actually Syrian.

The Assisted Dying Bill is an ethical muddle

It is more than 50 years in Britain since anyone was put to death by order of a court. Do we really need to go back to it


A guide to Jeremy Corbyn’s Britain (the Tories will be in charge)

His imminent victory could lock in 20 years of Conservative rule – of a kind the Tory right might not enjoy

Without borders in Europe, there is no hope of ending this migrant crisis

The principle of free movement cannot withstand this influx of refugees and the criminal efforts of people traffickers

David Cameron must balance head and heart in this refugee crisis

Our debased political culture has not kept pace with global change. The PM must show statesmanship

Hungary must look to its own history for migrant guidance

Once, the country was quite happy to send those it disliked to Germany…

Can we at least try talking to young people about sex?

Sajid Javid wants legislation to tackle sex offences in universities. But the real problem lies deeper


Published at last: the poems of Jeremy Corbyn

The Labour leadership favourite has revealed that he writes poetry. But what is it like? Wonder no longer…

How can Labour’s centrists survive?

The purges might go on for years

Here’s how Jeremy Corbyn engaged Ukip voters without ever uttering a word against immigrants

Corbyn’s unexpected ascent in Britain is striking because it contains none of the divisive language that has been so popular in right-wing politics across Europe

What is the most effective way to help refugees?

Donations can be helpful but are unsustainable in this instance, whereas political action could bring about real change


Our immigration policy must be decided by reason – not by photos and hashtags

An increase in refugees should be mirrored by a reduction in other migration. This won’t happen – and the Government is showing that it buckles under pressure.

Westminster ‘Out’ campaign snaps up key eurosceptic MPs

A cross-party group of MPs, including Ukip’s only MP, is to formally join the Westminster-based ‘Out’ campaign, Coffee House has learned. An ‘exploratory committee’ of MPs which started discussing how to advance the case for ‘Out’ in June, will become the Parliamentary Planning committee for the Matthew Elliot-led Out group, which is to move into new offices in Westminster Tower later this month.

The Corbyn doctrine on war is a betrayal of what makes Britain great

Corbyn’s withdrawal from the world doesn’t just bring shame on him and the Labour Party but on the whole country

Plus: films that are so tasteful they’re hopelessly dull


To win the EU referendum, the Outers must woo Britain’s soft Eurosceptics

It won’t be easy, but broad appeal to centrist swing voters and a cross-party leadership can yet convince Britain that it is better off leaving the EU

If Britain is to be more generous to refugees, that has to be a British decision

There is no grand, overarching solution to the acute refugee crisis now afflicting Europe. Politicians in each country will have to carry their voters with them.

Here’s the answer to your migrant crisis, Mr Cameron

For all its difficulties, Europe is prosperous and safe: one of the best places on Earth. Many other societies have yet to achieve this happy state: some are murderous and poor. Two of the most troubled zones in the world are near Europe: the Middle East, and the Sahelian belt which spans northern Africa.

Heartlessness towards refugees is the lifeblood of jihadist groups like Isis

The group constantly exploits the suffering of displaced Muslims to recruit members

A tale of two crises in Greece – coping with economic depression and refugees

In the islands near Turkey, such as Kos, the two phenomena have collided, turning the usually lucrative tourist season into a ‘relentless August’


Corbyn’s rise is a symptom of the Left’s slow drift into irrelevance

Like a tribe lost in the desert, without a coherent vision for the 21st century, Labour is now stumbling towards a mirage

Yvette Cooper has suggested the UK should welcome 10,000 refugees from the Middle East, with each town housing 10 families.

To remain or leave? That is the EU question.

I accept the advice of the Electoral Commission. The EU referendum deserves a neutral and clear question. Remain or leave is quite straightforward and meets with general approval as fair. I will vote for that and trust the government will recommend it as an amendment to their Bill.


Politicians must realise the story of English nationalism is not over

Voters are increasingly defining themselves by nationality, not social class or economic status

Labour has ceased to be a real political party

Electing Jeremy Corbyn would prove that the party is no longer interested in winning or governing

Britain’s Eurosceptics need Nigel Farage

The Ukip leader may upset the Westminster bubble, but he speaks to an audience that could prove decisive in the referendum battle

Plus more on postcapitalism and Hillary Clinton’s emails

We must rediscover British hospitality, and welcome in those fleeing Syria

These refugees need a permanent home where they can integrate and live productive lives. Here’s how to help that happen.

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