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By Steve Parkhurst, Senior Editor, USDR.

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Theresa May’s open-hearted generosity laid bare the mean-spirited cynicism of EU ultras

Yes indeed, it was almost entirely about tone and atmospherics. What were you expecting? I lost count of the number of times Theresa May used the word “optimism” in her speech in Florence. The sunlit uplands were spread before us with almost irresistible eloquence.

May in Florence. She confirms that she wants an implementation phase. Having one is unavoidable – but also dangerous.

There is no guarantee that the EU27 and the Commission will accept her ideas. And there may be no deal at all. In which case the question lingers: are we ready?


Will the Government be Ready on Day One for Brexit? If it isn’t, it could collapse altogether.

May needs to demonstrate that Whitehall is prepared – deal or no deal. Crossing one’s fingers and hoping for transition is not an alternative, or shouldn’t be.


Vince Cable is a proud Brexit saboteur, but is he proud to have torn up his principles yet again?

The Liberal Democrats have been enjoying a nice few days out by the seaside in Bournemouth under the pretence of it being their annual conference. Sir Vince Cable is trying to provide the necessary gravitas by telling those who’ve come along today about how he wants to foment a pro-EU revolution.

May can use Johnson to strengthen her hand in the Brexit negotiations

She can indicate that neither her party nor the public will be satisfied if she bows the knee to Brussels.

The great Brexit bus delusion

The bloody bus is back in the news this week after Boris Johnson said he’d like to get our cash back from the EU and possibly give some of it to the NHS. Judging from the reaction to his words — reams of press outrage, a finger-wagging letter of condemnation from the UK Statistics Authority, a Twitterati on the floor, fanning itself, struggling to breath — you’d think Boris had driven the actual bus down Oxford Street or repeated verbatim its questionable claims.

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