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 Welcome to Canada, the acclaimed new short documentary film by the award-winning documentary film production company Go Project Films, directed by Adam Loften and produced by Emmanuel Vaughan-Lee, tells the story of Mohammed Alsaleh, a young Syrian refugee granted asylum in Canada—under the administration of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau—who is now working to help resettle newly arrived  refugees.

In response to President Trump’s executive orders banning refugees from Syria, as well as seven other Muslim nations, Trudeau renewed his commitment to welcoming refugees into Canada, ending a statement on Twitter with the hashtag  #WelcomeToCanada.

The film Welcome to Canada, which premiered on The Atlantic in late 2016, has been featured on National Geographic, Short of the Week and other online platforms, is now more relevant than ever, offering audiences an example of what it looks like it to offer those in need a new home. The film’s accompanying lesson plan, “A Refugee’s Story,” developed by Global Oneness Project’s Education Director Cleary Vaughan-Lee, is being used in classrooms around the world to explore current events, including the refugee crisis, and to discuss the themes of cultural displacement, human rights, and resilience. As Mohammed says in the film: “I want everyone to realize how tremendous, how beautiful it is to offer people a place to call  home.”

Go Project Films will waive all licensing fees for non-exclusive use of the film on any platform – web, broadcast, etc. – and is providing advance permission to all press and media outlets to feature the  film.

High resolution assets of the film can be downloaded here, embedded from Vimeo here or Youtube here. The associated lesson plan, “A Refugee’s Story,” is available on the Global Oneness Project  website.

About Go Project  Films
Go Project Films is the film production arm of The Global Oneness Project, the award winning online multimedia educational platform.  Their films have been featured on The New York Times, National Geographic, PBS, The Atlantic, The New Yorker, Al Jazeera and screened at festivals  worldwide.

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