What are the Best Alternative Fuel Vehicles?

By US Daily Review Staff.

Total Car Score (www.totalcarscore.com) today released its ranking of the top 2012 alternative fuel models for each major vehicle segment.

“Buying an alternative fuel vehicle has become the equivalent to buying a smartphone,” said Karl Brauer, editor-in-chief of Total Car Score. “In a very short period of time the question for many consumers has shifted from ‘Should I buy a smartphone?’ to ‘Which smartphone should I buy?’ The same thing is happening with alternative drivetrain vehicles. That is why we compiled this list: to give car buyers who know they want an alternative fuel vehicle a better idea of the top offering in each category.”

Brauer added that another factor in putting the list together is that today nearly every carmaker has entered into the alternative fuel race with at least one model. “In the very near future,” Brauer said, “offering a range of drivetrains, with at least one alternative fuel option, is going to be the norm, not the exception.”

The ranking of alternative fuel vehicles was compiled using Total Car Score’s unique vehicle rating system. The Total Car Score comes from a comprehensive system of evaluating every vehicle on the market using an industry-wide standard. The “Total Car Score” (TCS) awarded to a vehicle is a comprehensive number that aggregates car ratings from the top industry authorities and incorporates fuel efficiency and safety components.

Top Rated Alternative Fuel 2012 Models

Make Model Segment Engine Type MPG TCS
Honda CR-Z Sport Coupe and Convertible Hybrid 37 75.75
Volkswagen Golf Compact Sedans and Wagons Diesel 34 79.63
Toyota Camry Midsize Sedans and Wagons Hybrid 41 85.59
Buick Lacrosse Large Sedans and Wagons Hybrid 29 84.86
Lincoln MKZ Entry Luxury Sedans and Wagons Hybrid 39 79.41
Mercedes-Benz E-Class Luxury Sedans and Wagons Diesel 25 84.25
Lexus LS Ultra Luxury Cars Hybrid 20 89.78
Volkswagen Touareg Midsize SUVs and Crossovers Diesel 22 77.21
Toyota Highlander Large SUVs and Crossovers Hybrid 28 81.12
Lexus RX Luxury SUVs and Crossovers Hybrid 30 85.36

According to a company statement, “TotalCarScore.com is an automotive research and comparison website that establishes a new industry-wide standard for ranking every car, truck, van and SUV/crossover on the market. TotalCarScore.com evaluates and ranks cars according to an aggregate score based on the most trusted automotive authorities available. The site also features original content, reviews and insights from a veteran automotive journalism and data team. For more information, please go to www.totalcarscore.com.”

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