What I want for 2017…

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By April Dye, Contributor  USDR

  • I want people to be  stronger.

Can we finally get back to where people could have opinions and not have to apologize or lose jobs because someone got their feelings hurt? Can we agree that we are all individual and do not believe the same things, have different opinions and have different experiences which help us come up with those  opinions?

Can we teach our children that there are bullies in this world and you can either ignore what they say, because they are usually jealous, or just ignore them because you know you aren’t what they say you are? And if you feel you are being bullied on line, please just get off. Bullies will bully, as long as they know they are getting the desired reaction from  you.

Can we also raise our children to have empathy for those less fortunate or those who are different? Teach them to stand up to bullies. A bully has no problem messing with one kid but if they know that one kid is not alone they won’t want to go up against a crowd. Does anyone remember the movie, My Bodyguard with Adam Baldwin – bullies have always been  around.

Why have we not learned these lessons and passed them on to our  children?

  • I want people to quit being  hypocrites.

Can we please quit criticizing people for saying or doing things when you don’t like them but are totally fine with someone you like doing the exact same  things?

I’m a conservative but I didn’t vote for Trump and I did not like Obama’s policies as president, but I am not going to be a hypocrite and say that Obama’s associations were important but Trump’s aren’t. I am not going to be a hypocrite and gripe that Obama had no governing experience and say it’s not important that Trump didn’t either – and running a business is not the same as running a government. I am not going to be a hypocrite and say that Clinton’s womanizing was important and act like Trump’s actions towards women isn’t. And that goes the other way as well. I don’t think it is right for Trump to lie just like it isn’t right that Hillary did. I don’t think it’s right that Clinton is praised and his serial cheating and sexual abuse allegations are ignored but act like Trump is the worst womanizer ever born. I don’t think its ok for anyone to call people names or think its ok for someone to get hurt who I don’t agree  with.

Both sides of the aisle are hypocrites and unfortunately it took this election for me to see and admit to the t ruth.

  • I want women especially celebrities to quit blaming men for the sexualization of women and to start taking some of the  blame.

If you want people to look at you for your brains, then quit flashing your boobs and your butt. If you don’t want people to look at you in a sexual way, then quit dressing in outfits that leave no need for imagination. Trashy will never equal classy, I don’t care how much money you have. There is something to say about “less is  more”.

  • I want parents to start being  parents.

We are adults because we are older and hopefully more mature than children. There are things that as a parent where you just have to override your kid’s desire. Whether that is eating any and everything they want to, having certain electronics at too early of an age or at all times of the night and day or letting them decide what sex/gender (same thing by the way) they are. Which in all reality they are probably just going through a phase and I think the parent just wants to get in the news or be part of the “it” crowd. (My son and nephew, when they were 2-4, loved to walk around in my daughter’s dress up shoes and jewelry. But that didn’t mean they wanted to be a girl – even if they said they did.) What happened to girls just being Tom Boys when they acted like little boys. I knew a boy when I was little who liked to dress up like Wonder Woman. It was a phase. Kids go through  phases.

I’m really not trying to be cynical. I have never heard anyone explain exactly what they are missing and what leads them to feel they should be the “other sex”. All I’ve seen is them wanting to wear the other sex’s clothes. I’m serious. Even with Bruce Jenner, he just started wearing women’s clothes and wanting to look like a woman. What about being a woman besides clothes is the desire? And to those who actually chose to have the surgery, why are we not questioning this? They are literally mutilating their bodies – they are chopping off body parts. There is a condition (BIID – body integrity identity disorder), much like the transsexuals who have the surgery – who believe and have the desire to be without a limb. They hurt themselves so that these surgeries can be done. To me that is a problem. Unfortunately, the evidence shows that most going through the transition surgery to change their sex end up wishing they had not done it. So much so that the leading hospital and doctors at John Hopkins, who used to do these regularly, now  refuses.

Why are we supposed to believe in climate science but when it comes to unwanted pregnancies and sex, science doesn’t matter – only how someone  feels?

Make your kids mind you, mind their teachers and all people in authority. The majority of these people want nothing more than to help your child. They are not “out to get them”. A teacher’s job is to teach them things like reading, writing and arithmetic. As the parent, it is your job to teach your children how to behave with others and in public. Yes, I know there are children with developmental issues and for the most part I am not talking to those parents. However, I have worked with these children too and they also need boundaries and to know when they are getting out of  line.

My desire for 2017 is for people to quit being led by impulsive feelings. My desire is that people would start being empathetic – to everyone. My desire is for people to start looking at the big  picture.

All of us desire happy, healthy lives. All of us want to be heard and understood. That cannot happen if you only think about yourself and what you want. We need to start thinking about how the things we want and do impact other  people.

We need to quit being selfish. We need to start acknowledging that just because we don’t agree on certain things does not mean the other people are monsters and deserve to  die.

We can still find common ground without giving up our  principles.

Let’s look for 2017 to be a year of hope, mutual respect, peace and  love.

April Dye is a USDR Contributor. Writer, Publisher and Editor in Chief at US News and Review. She is a stay at home mom and homemaker. She lives in Texas with her husband and two  children.

You can follow her on twitter at twitter.com@ARDye71, Facebook at facebook.com/april.v.dye and   http://usnewsandreview.com

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