What if Obama Had Done Such an Agreement with North Korea?

By the Price of Business, Media Partner of  USDR.

Kevin Price, Host of the Price of Business, which is nationally syndicated on the Biz Talk Radio Network recently visited with attorney Lee Kaplan, who is a contributor on the Price of Business show.  Kaplan is often on the show and he brings political insight. Price and him often visit about the news of the day.  Price is also Editor in Chief of US Daily  Review.

The story driving this most recent visit was Donald Trump’s summit with North Korea’s Kim Jong-un.  They explored the many interesting stories that came from this  event.

  • Lee Kaplan noted that it is interesting that Trump engages with the North Korean dictator, but will not engage at all with Iran.  Doesn’t it make sense — and isn’t in the interest of the US — for Trump to engage with both countries where  possible?
  • They both wondered what, of substance, was garnered from the  event.
  • In the short term the only winner seems to be North Korea, because the US has agreed to cease doing war games with its longstanding ally, South Korea.  What was shocking is that Trump made this arrangement without consulting a single  ally.
  • Conservatives and Trump supporters have been either silent or euphoric about this event, although it is clear that if Barack Obama had done such a deal, they would have been up in arms over a policy of  appeasement.

Catch the full segment as the two tackle the implications of this  event:

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