What Is A Vibration Gun?

Vibration therapy can be highly effective for comfort and relaxation. A vibration gun is a convenient, targeted approach to vibration therapy. Vibration can be an excellent addition to the deeper massage offered by percussive therapy. Here’s what you need to know about vibration therapy and how a vibration gun can enable you to reach your relaxation goals. 

Defining Vibration Therapy

Vibration therapy can be used across the entire body using whole-body vibration. Generally, users stand on a platform to receive therapy. These machines can be very relaxing, but they aren’t convenient for most users. Furthermore, they can’t provide the kind of targeted therapy that is most beneficial. 

Vibration guns, on the other hand, allow you to target vibration to your needs. In general, you can expect your vibration gun to offer you less targeted therapy than a percussive gun. Vibration guns do allow you to isolate therapy to one area of the body more than platforms. 

Benefits Of Vibration Therapy

  • Alleviate stress. The general vibration offered by vibration guns is very relaxing. It is a great way to de-stress at the end of a hard workout or throughout your day. 
  • Increase blood flow. Vibration guns increase blood flow at the surface level, which can be great for your skin and surface level muscles.

How Does Vibration Therapy Work?

Vibration causes your muscles to involuntarily contract and relax, which relaxes them and stimulates blood flow. This vibration doesn’t reach deep, but it has therapeutic benefits on a surface level. 

How Does A Vibration Gun Compare To A Percussive Therapy Gun?


Vibration guns tend to be much less intense than percussive therapy guns. Vibration guns cover a broader area and provide less stimulation for that area. Pushing harder won’t result in more therapeutic value from a vibration gun.

On the other hand, percussive therapy guns provide a much more intense experience. Depending on the head attachment that you use and the amount of pressure that you employ, you can dramatically vary the intensity. High quality percussive therapy guns also provide intensity controls to give you more customizability in your gun. 

Type Of Massage

Vibration and percussive therapy work by different means as indicated by their different names. Vibration therapy vigorously vibrates to offer massage. Percussive therapy taps rapidly to offer stimulation. These different ways of massage provide very different experiences. 

The percussion of a percussive therapy gun is less likely to be registered as pain, since the experience of each tap is so much briefer. This makes using percussive therapy guns much more comfortable, on average, even for a deeper massage. 

Percussive therapy guns reach much deeper into tissue than vibration therapy guns do. This deeper massage is more similar to the massage that you could expect from a massage therapist. Furthermore, because of the way that percussive massage guns work, intensity can be increased by applying pressure, which isn’t true of vibration guns. 

How To Use Vibration Guns And Percussive Guns In Your Workout Routine

Percussive guns will stand as your primary go-to for massage, especially when you have target muscle groups to reach. These guns are excellent for deep-reaching massages both before and after workouts. Vibration guns are useful for relaxing and massaging at a surface level.

Choose A Great Vibration Gun For Your Workouts

If you’re looking for a way to relax and increase blood flow around workouts or throughout your daily life, a vibration gun is a good option. If you need deeper massage, be sure to add a percussive therapy gun to your routine as well. Both of these massage guns can be a powerful way to keep your muscles in great shape. 

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