What to Do After Writing CPA Exams

Taking the CPA exam is one of the best ways to show yourself approved of a course as wonderful as accounting. (You can check out Surgent CPA Review for right courses) Taking the exam is a step; passing the exam shows that the stage has been crossed successfully. So, what are the things you can do after writing a CPA exam?

1. Fast Track your Career with experience

Accounting is a competitive field and many people are getting right into it, just as you. However, you can get an advantage over the others by seeking for related experience. For a start, you can get jobs with small businesses, manage their accounts, and offer auditing services. This way, you prepare yourself for the greatest feat possible in your accounting career. While you are at gaining this experience, make sure to learn basic organizational principles such as interpersonal relationship, maintaining healthy conversations, and all. Remember, education continues after the exam.

2. Be a volunteer

If after writing the exam, you await your score or a job opportunity to come by, you can volunteer yourself to an organization or a firm that could need your service. This action helps to boost your profile as well as learning experience.

3. Network

This is something that many people who have written a professional exam like CPA don’t do. The right connections don’t just happen except you network with people. Hence, attend seminars and events that pertain to your career so that you would get to meet people. From conversations, you will be able to know ‘what’s-trending’ and available opportunities with different organizations. Networking provides you with an environment to meet like minds and can secure you a (presumably) ‘cheap’ offer merely by communications and building relationships.

4. Create your own network

After writing your CPA exam and you have tried to make an attempt at networking, what you can do is to be proactive in the accounting field. By being proactive, you should be proactive in the right things, of course. Let people know you by acting out your passion or relevant platforms. A displayed passion is easily noticeable; it opens leadership opportunities to you as well as it could land you job opportunities. Creating your network includes connecting with other groups of people in the same field or related fields such that you can share rightful information and/or having a relatable mentor. It opens the door to referral opportunities to you.

5. Make research and look at what you can focus on

Although, you should have prepared your mind for an aspect that you would like to focus on in accounting before you started your CPA course. However, it is not too late to decide or change your mind after writing the CPA exam. So, consider various fields such as Auditing, Consulting, Tax preparation, private accounting, etc. and think about which one you think you would be able to perform best, with. Make rightful findings to consider vastness and available opportunities to help you consider your area of focus.

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