What You Need To Know Before Betting On Horse Racing

Betting on horse racing is one of the most popular options available to gamblers. It has been a profitable betting avenue for bettors ever since it was introduced. The only way to bet on the sport previously was by attending the fixtures throughout the season and betting with the stalls at trackside.

However, the introduction of online gambling has opened new doors to gamblers, and now bets can be placed on horse racing events taking place all over the world.

That includes the ability for bettors to stake money on events such as Twinspires.com for betting on the Kentucky Derby and the Grand National. But, what should gamblers know before placing their first wager?

Understanding The Markets

There are numerous betting markets available to gamblers, which means understanding the markets is crucial in a gamblers’ chances of winning a bet. Here, you will see some of the markets, and what you must do in order to win a bet in this market.


This market is self-explanatory, as punters will put their stake on one horse in the race, and the returns will be given to the gambler should they have picked the winning horse.


This is a term that gamblers who aren’t used to horse racing may be confused by. However, it is pretty straightforward to understand. Gamblers will put a certain amount on a horse to win, but they have the each-way insurance, which will ensure returns should the horse come second or third, depending on the size of the field.

Each-way bets are double the amount of the stake that is included in the win. For example, if you wanted to place a $5 each-way bet on a horse, then the total stake for the race will be $10.

To Place

Gamblers will tend to use this market if they are betting on a horse that is considered an outsider for the race. Instead of picking the horse that will win the race, this market will see the gambler placing a stake on the horse that they believe will finish in a place position. The place position is determined by the bookmaker, with more places allowed for races with bigger fields. If the horse selected finishes second, then the returns will be rewarded to the gambler.


These markets are the most difficult to predict for gamblers, and extensive research must be done before placing a wager. For this market, the bettor must successfully predict the horses that will finish first and second.

The Tricast is even harder, as the bettor will have to predict the horses that finish first, second and third. The returns are only awarded should the bettor have got the order exactly correct.

Insurance Betting

This betting market is only available to jumps racing, and it will be particularly popular for the Grand National. Bettors can gamble their stake in this market, and they will be given their money back should the horse selected fall in the race. It is important to note, horses that pull-up will not be covered by this market.

Tips To Winning On Horse Racing

Research- All gamblers will need to do research before placing their bet. That includes looking at the weight and form of the horses. This will give an immediate indication of whether the horse will be able to win.

Racecourse- Some horses don’t perform well at certain tracks. As the bettor, you will need to be aware of the horses and their records around the track that they are racing at.

Surface- Horse racing is run over different terrains, and bettors will need to know how their selection performs over the different surfaces. Horses with good records on dirt aren’t necessarily going to be a banker on the grass.

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