What’s in Store for 2015?

By  Bill Tatro, Special for USDR

Whether it is the Elliott Wave Theory, Kondratieff, 17-year cycle, or the Shemitah, 2015 is shaping up to be one for the record books. As much as each country from the U.S. to Greece, Russia to Malaysia, sees itself as a unique and independent entity the reality is that the world has been united as one big Keynesian experiment.

Social media has taken significant events that normally would be continually discussed, analyzed and even become world altering and reduced them to tweets, blogs and yesterday’s news.

Such as:

  • The Hong Kong freedom demonstrations became just another footnote to be lumped with Egypt, Iran and Occupy Wall  Street.
  • The Ukraine civil war is something most believe has already been  settled.
  • The U.S. President’s abuse of executive orders continues unabated and the TBTFs (Too Big Too Fails)  continue to run amok.  Nothing has been tweeted recently, therefore, out of sight out of  mind.
  • Saudi Arabia and the U.S. made a deal for the continued bombing of Syria for lower oil prices and the American Shale oil industry is decimated.  Our only reminder is when we fill up our gas  tank.
  • Cuba continues its Gestapo ways and becomes our newest best friend.  Cigars, of course, are not a continuing  story.
  • SONY was hacked, says the FBI, by the North Koreans.  A big deal.  American citizens and world leaders are hacked.  Not a big deal.  Either way each is last week’s news.  On to the  next.
  • Greece can’t elect a President after three bailouts and so a snap election will be held.  European markets shudder, the 1% lose millions, businesses are still closed, youths are still jobless and ordinary citizens still wonder where their next meal will come  from.

Another few days and the next crisis will be front and center.

It will be time to put all these past problems behind us – after all it’s a new  year.

What ties everything together is the universal belief that everything, no matter how large, small or unique to any area can be solved with the creation of more debt. Although the world’s attention via social media is always directed to the newest crisis the reality is that nothing in the past has either been solved or eliminated. Like water slowly getting warmer, 2015 will be the year that all of the issues of the past seven come together as one. Things are not just heating up but they are quickly rising to a boiling point. Hunger, disease, war and financial collapse of Biblical proportions could be in the  offing.




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