When Should You Contact a Personal Injury Attorney and How Do They Represent Your Interests?

Buying a new car is one of those moments that you never forget. Driving it off the lot for the first time and taking it for a spin – there are few experiences like it. That gets marred when, unfortunately, getting into an accident shortly after its purchase.

It doesn’t always happen like that, of course, but your car getting damaged is never good news – especially when you’re driving it at the time. Alternatively, you could just be a passenger – like carpooling – and end up getting injured through no fault of your own. What should you do next?

In this article, we discuss this so, in the unfortunate situation where you get injured inside a vehicle, you know how to proceed.

Protect Yourself Where Possible

After there’s been an accident, depending on the severity of it, protect yourself where possible.

If you think that you may have injured your back or neck, then it’ll be best to call an ambulance to secure your body properly ready for transport to the nearest hospital to provide effective treatment. However, if the accident is severe enough that you cannot get out of the vehicle because you’re pinned in, then contact the fire department. They can cut you out of the vehicle, if necessary. If you have no cell signal, get the attention of a passerby by using your car’s horn or breaking the window to call out for help.

Contact a Personal Injury Attorney If You’re Injured

Once you’re out of any immediate danger, it’s time to start thinking ahead.

When you’re shaken up because of an accident, it’s difficult to process what’s happened and make effective decisions. At this time, San Diego personal injury attorneys are going to be your option to give you sensible advice about what to do next. They have previous experience with similar cases before and can talk you through it.

Usually, you would need to report the accident and get the identification and insurance details of any other parties involved with the accident. If there are nearby people recording the incident or the aftermath, see if you can talk with them to get their information because your San Diego personal injury attorneys can use this video evidence to confirm key pieces of information later.

Get a Better Insurance Settlement

Trying to negotiate with an insurance company intent on not settling a claim or doing so at the lowest possible value is tough when you’re upset or shaken up. You also won’t know your rights all that well or what’s a reasonable amount to ask for in a compensation claim.

A lawyer will know what level of payout is typical depending on the facts of the case, your injuries and costs incurred for medical expenses, pain, and suffering, time off work, etc. They represent you with sympathy but a firmer approach with the insurers to secure the best settlement they can.

Getting dependable representation soon after an accident gives you the best opportunity to cover potential financial losses and suffering because of the incident. Personal injury lawyers already have good relationships established with the major insurers and can move immediately into action once they start representing you.

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