When Will Power is Not Enough: Additive to Fight Obesity

By US Daily Review Staff.

A Florida research firm says their new diabetic-friendly sugar, which has been proven to help reduce sugar intake, will soon be added to popular breads and cereals to help fight epidemic of obesity, especially in children.

‘Sugir’ is real sugar that contains an all-natural additive called Emulin. That tasteless additive helps prevent the body from absorbing about a third of the sugar.

The makers of Sugir and Emulin, Winter Haven-based ATM Metabolics, says it cannot reveal which brands will contain Sugir, but the company says the products are well-known, popular and contain higher amounts of carbohydrates.

“Sugar is not the problem, but rather how much sugar we consume,” says Daryl Thompson, president of ATM Metabolics, the research firm that discovered Emulin. “By adding Emulin to sugar, Sugir has the power to reverse diabetes.”

And that’s what will be added to some top brands in an effort to fight obesity.

Studies have shown that Emulin blocks the absorption of sugar by more than 30 percent. Emulin ™ is a patented formulation of compounds found in fruits, like grapefruits and berries.

A new independent study conducted in Winter Haven, Fla. found that a group of overweight yet otherwise healthy individuals lost an average of seven pounds by doing nothing more than adding Emulin to their diets.

The independent study, “Effect of Emulin ™ on Weight Loss,” was conducted by Dr. Dale Wickstrom-Hill, the director of Perfect Form Weight Loss Clinic, LLC.

The study’s conclusion: “Emulin can assist with weight loss in obese individuals without change in dietary intake.”

Emulin has been available online and at GNC stores. But in the coming weeks, Winter Haven, Fla.-based ATM Metabolics says Emulin will be added to popular breads and cereals.

“By having Emulin in the food supply, we will see a rapid reduction in obesity and diabetes rates,” Dr. Joseph Ahrens, vice-president of ATM Metabolics says. “Much like what folate in breads did for birth defect rates, Emulin will be able to do the same for obesity and diabetes rates, which continue to skyrocket in the United States.”

ATM Metabolics says that Emulin slows the conversion of complex carbohydrates to simple sugars as well as reduces sugar absorption from the gut to the bloodstream while stimulating absorption from the bloodstream to muscle tissue.

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