Who Owns the “Tea Party”? The Answer Might Surprise You

Editor’s Note: Before people cry “conspiracy”, we are not talking about the political movement, but the domain name TeaParty.com. This domain is one of the hotest properties on the web right now and could draw upwards of $1 million in auction, according to GoDaddy.com. The site, however has nothing to do with politics, as seen in this story in the Canadian website Global News:

Mention the name “Tea Party” and you are likely to get a starkly contrasting reaction and heated political debate.

So polarizing is the phrase “Tea Party” that three Canadian musicians are considering selling their band’s domain name to rid themselves of the association.

1990s Canadian rock band The Tea Party owns www.teaparty.com, and in a recent interview said the traffic their website receives by people looking for information on the U.S. political movement is causing them grief.

“So much damage has been done to our name by the political movement that we’re considering selling,” says the band’s bassist, Stuart Chatwood.

The band registered the website in 1993, keeping it active throughout eight studio albums and a number of world tours. However the site has been inactive since the band’s split in 2005.

Analysts say selling the domain could the land the band a cool million dollars. 

However, the decision to sell and cash in isn’t a simple one.

The rockers say they do not support the Tea Party political movement… Read more at Global News | Canadian rock band The Tea Party considers selling web domain

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