Why Are People Sharing Freddie Gray’s Criminal Record?

By Rare, Special for  USDR

In a Rare.us opinion piece, expressing his frustration on Baltimore, editor Jack Hunterwrites, “On the morning after the Baltimore riots, some began to circulate Freddie Gray’s criminal record on social media. Why would anyone share this? What are they trying to say? Are they suggesting that his crimes excuse his  death?”

Continued Hunter, “One headline from a right-wing site read, ‘Freddy Gray’s Arrest Record: Here’s the Rap Sheet of the Dude They’re Destroying Baltimore Over.’  The story had 381,000 Facebook shares as of this  writing.”

In this compelling story, Hunter examines the Freddy Gray incident, the tension in Baltimore, and race relations in America. Read the full article at:  http://rare.us/story/why-are-people-sharing-freddie-grays-criminal-record/

About Jack  Hunter

Hunter was Rand Paul’s New Media Director and co-authored the 2011 book “The Tea Party Goes to Washington” with the senator. Hunter has been a popular voice within the “liberty movement” inspired by both Rand and his father, Ron Paul. Hunter also worked forRon Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign. Jack frequently writes and speaks about how Paul’s libertarian Republican brand represents a new and better direction for the Republican Party and the  country. 

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