Why Companies Favor Relationship Marketing Over Transactional Marketing

In traditional marketing or transactional model of marketing full-on focus is on closing the sale. The brand ensures that customers have their product in mind as and when the opportunity arises for them to buy it.

The model does not believe in building emotional bond, at all, with the buyers before selling. It’s pure business model. In the absence of emotional connect; transactional model just works once or twice per customer.

On the other hand, relationship marketing is an extensive, long-term strategy. It believes in building relationship with the customers prior to making sales. And, more often, it involves different reward programs to keep a relationship going.

More significantly, in relationship marketing it’s not just how your product can help your customer, but how your customer feels about your product. This is imp because customers tend to buy from brands that make them feel good.

The ultimate objective is to make your customers feel one with your brand.

Benefits of Relationship Marketing


It’s the only key to long-term customer royalty.

Just like in the case of human relationships where you like to bond with only those who care about you and are easy to communicate with, relationship marketing is all about showing your company’s softer, approachable side. This makes it easier for customers to bond with you.

When you are in a relationship, there are emotions involved. So, a customer factors in these emotions too, and not just the price aspect, when it comes to buying products.

Simply put, don’t be too official in your manners and talks with your customers if you looking to bond with them and intend to cultivate long term relationship with them. For more tricks and tips on relationship marketing, consult top branding agencies.

Companies that engage in Relationship Marketing

Relationship marketing model is not new to companies. Coca-Cola has been doing it since ages. The company advertises its soft drinks with messages that tug at the heart-strings of the customers. In fact, Coca-Cola has got names imprinted on its bottles. And there are bottles that are part of “Share a Coke” campaign. The consumer can easily relate to these personalized feelings. Not surprisingly, coke means something more to the customers than just having plain soda.


Even when you think of Starbucks the first thing that comes to your mind is a friendly, warm and cosy place you want to go back to, again and again. The magic lies not just in its coffee but in the whole experience you get there.

Brands like Starbucks have this knack of making customers feel like a friend and a family.

Tips to Improve Customer Relationship Management of your company


# Make Customer Satisfaction your Top Priority

It goes without saying: You business exists because of your customers… your profits, employees’ salary and all. So, no matter what, customer satisfaction should be your top-most priority, any day. Even when you are on a vacation or attending an important company meet, you need to attend your customers’ call, no matter what.

# Leverage Social Media Marketing to Connect with Customers

Social Media Marketing is one of the best mediums to connect with customers. Sharing promotional offers is just one thing. The platform is equally good for resolving customer queries and more.

However, it’s always nice to focus on certain key platforms rather than spreading yourself thin. For instance, if you are a B2B company, it’s better to focus all your energies on building your LinkedIn profile and to a degree your Twitter and Facebook profile. Never mind your Instagram and Snapchat accounts. The bottomline is not to have an all around presence, but what can you do for your customers. Consult top social media marketing companies for ideas customer engagement strategies on various social media platforms.

# Invest in Sentiment Analysis

These days’ companies are highly invested in tracking human emotions by leveraging sentiment analysis. Sentiment analysis makes use of web scraping tools to find out what people are talking about your brand. Whether it is in positive sense or negative sense? What’s the general attitude of people while referring to your brand?

All this information can be gathered in real time using sentiment analysis. Such real feedback from real people helps companies make informed decisions as to how to lead their brands in the future.

# Encourage Loyalty programs

You can bond with you loyal customers by launching loyalty programs, time and time again. For example, you can come up with point systems, or you can think of offering special discounts among other things.

Such loyalty programs help you hook your customers, sooner than later. The moment the customer transacts with you, make him a part of your loyalty program. This way, they will take it upon themselves to accumulate as many points as possible.

# Share Customer Stories
Your relationship with customer doesn’t end with sales. You need to take it to the next level by sharing their experiences with your product on social media and website pages. This is one sure-fire way to build a personal connect with customers

Wrapping up


There you go! The benefits of relationship marketing and why companies should bank on them. So, if you still haven’t thought of it, it’s high time to get started. Make use of analytical tools to measure real-time customer emotion which will help re-invent your relationship marketing strategies.

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