Why Not Prosecute Harry Reid, Hillary Clinton or Jon Corzine?

By  Wayne Allyn Root, Special for  USDR

Hi I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. Here we go again. The OCF (Obama Crime Family) is in full enforcer mode. Obama must have been up late two weeks ago watching “Godfather Part II” on HBO. That’s the movie where Michael Corleone takes revenge on everyone who has ever wronged him or his family. He kills them  all.

After watching Obama for the past six years it is clear he’s a psychopath and ego-maniacal tyrant who doesn’t care about morality, the law, checks and balances, or the U.S.  Constitution.

I’ve written extensively about the many times this administration has intimidated, persecuted and punished its critics. Obama has used the IRS, NSA, FDA, SEC, EPA; every 3-letter government organization possible to destroy his political  opposition.

Take me, for example. I spoke out on Fox News, CNBC and on hundreds of conservative talk radio shows about the criminal actions of this socialist tyrant. During a NBC News special covering “a day in the White House,” NBC’s cameras even showed Obama officials panicking in the war room in reaction to my comments on Fox  News.

But I’m not just any critic. I am also Obama’s Columbia College classmate, Class of ‘83. I spoke out publicly about how I believe he committed fraud to gain entrance to a college he never in a million years had the grades to get into. And guess what? His college records are sealed. At one point Donald Trump offered $10 million to the charity of Obama’s choice if he’d just release his records. But not a  word.

What’s in those records that is so deadly Obama can’t let them see the light of day? You’ll notice Obama released the birth certificate, but never the college  records.

You think I caught his attention? Or Valerie Jarrett’s? Suddenly, I was the victim of a vicious, over-the-top IRS attack. Five days after I won a complete victory in tax court, I was hit by a new IRS attack. Five days! Tax attorneys told me they had never heard of this happening in U.S. tax  history.

Here’s the thing folks: If someone in the Obama White House made a call to the IRS to destroy Wayne Root… a crime was committed. As in a “go straight to prison”  crime.

Well I’ve got news on that front. Government watchdog Judicial Watch demanded my tax files from the IRS and after a 14 month battle; we now have them in our possession. I’ll release that story with scandalous new details direct from my IRS files in the next two weeks. This will be big news. I’ve already been in contact with United States Senate  investigators.

But now Obama has gone even further; with the prosecution of Democratic U.S. Senator Robert  Menendez.

It’s clear Obama has tried to intimidate a member of his own crime family. Obama is sending a message to his fellow Democrats — “Embarrass me, fight me, I’ll ruin you, too. No one is off limits. I’m the king and you either follow my orders, or prepare to be  destroyed.”

What did Senator Menendez of New Jersey do to Obama to deserve prosecution for a minor offense? He had the nerve to publicly disagree with Obama over Iran and Cuba. Just two days before the indictment announcement, Menendez gave a rousing speech at AIPAC condemningObama’s Iran policy. Next thing you know: INDICTED. Coincidence? Not  likely.

What were the charges? Sitting on a donor’s private plane, then doing the bidding of the donor. Are you kidding me? Every Senator and Congressmen in America does that. They’re all bought and paid  for.

Hillary Clinton owed $25 million in campaign debt after her 2008 primary loss to Obama. Then she endorsed Obama and it was quietly paid off. Who made the payments? Over $2 billion dollars has been donated to the Clinton Foundation from billionaires, multinational corporations and foreign  governments.

You mean there’s no conflict there? Hillary never accepted a plane ride from any of these same corporations or donors who paid off her massive debt, or funded her Clinton Foundation? She never supported a bill after receiving a donation or free plane  ride?

How about her new scandal: She deleted over 30,000 emails. She has multiple email accounts. They were insecure. She claims she had the right to determine which emails were private. She made the decision what to delete. This woman was involved in prosecuting Richard Nixon. It’s clear she learned well from watching Nixon. She is the modern day Tricky Dicky. I guarantee you all her emails relating to Benghazi were deleted. The woman is a  criminal.

How about Jon Corzine. He lost the New Jersey governor’s race, went back to Wall Street, and proceeded to lose $1.6 billion (with a B) of his clients’ money — money that was supposed to be protected in escrow  accounts.

But Corzine was a major bundler for Obama (twice).  Lo and behold, the U.S. Justice Dept decided not to prosecute. His life moves forward without a blemish. One critic of Obama gets indicted for free plane flights, but the Obama donor is let off scott-free for stealing $1.6 billion from innocent  clients.

How about Harry “Whorehouse” Reid. He could be the dirtiest politician in the U.S. Senate. He entered the U.S. Senate with little or no assets then proceeded to become one of the wealthiest men in the Senate on a $170,000 annual salary. Really? All the while doling out billions (with a B) in government contracts and green energy “investments” that ethics watchdogs call “influence  peddling.”

Harry put himself in a position of great power to hand out billions. Somehow he got rich. Do you think the two are connected? But no prosecution or indictment of Harry  Reid.

Interestingly, all the money that was funneled by the big Democratic donor to Menendez came through a PAC controlled by…wait for it…Harry Reid.Reid’s PAC collected $700,000 of this “dirty money” then gave $600,000 to Menendez. So why isn’t Harry Reid being  indicted?

Senator Menendez poked his finger in Obama’s eye and the government decided to ruin his life. Harry Reid has been Obamas’s water boy for six years, enabling all of Obama’s deadly policies to take effect and blocking all attempts to slow him down. Harry is rewarded with no indictment, even though he was smack dab in the middle of the same alleged  crime

Folks this smells…and it smells bad. It’s government intimidation and selective persecution at its finest. It’s a message from the OCF — the Obama Crime Family — to follow the orders of Obama, or face ruin, disgrace, destruction and prison. And you can bet the message was heard loud and clear in  Washington.

But the worst one of all is Obama. He is the Chicago crook of all crooks. The Marxist tyrant of all tyrants. The sociopath of all sociopaths. Who will save America from the coming two-year reign of terror?

It’s clear Obama is sending a message. His last two years will be like nothing America has ever seen. The question is, after my IRS attacks, after Menendez’s indictment, who has the courage and chutzpah (besides Benjamin Netanyahu) to stand up to the  tyrant?

I’m Wayne Allyn Root for Personal Liberty. See you next week. God bless  America.

-Wayne Allyn  Root

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