Why Real Love is So Hard to Find

Read Time:2 Minute, 30 Second

By Diamond Producers Association, Special for  USDR

What makes finding the real thing so rare among couples in contemporary culture? The Diamond Producers Association (DPA), alongside multitalented actor and producer Nick Cannon, partnered to unlock the magic and mystery behind that question in “Why Real is Rare,” a short docu-film that explores how and when couples realize their connection has become a commitment. The film was released today and is the latest iteration of the DPA’s innovative new communications platform: “Real is Rare. Real is a  Diamond.”

“In ‘Why Real is Rare,’ we share stories about the standout moments of couples that shaped their relationships, the challenges they’ve faced, and their unique take on why their commitment is the real deal,” said Cannon, who interviewed six real-life couples for the film. “Everyone loves in a different way, but they were all searching for something more genuine, and they found it in each  other.”