Why Remote Security Services are Increasing in Popularity

Remote security services involve a proactive system that combines CCTV video cameras, video analytics, alarms, monitoring centers, and security agents. Potential threats are first spotted by cameras and analyzed in real-time by software algorithms based on specific criteria. As soon as the software has recognized something, a security officer in a remote center is alerted to review the threat and take the appropriate action.

Not all security situations require having a security officer at a specific location, and there has been an increase in popularity with security services that offer security solutions that involve completely remote monitoring or a mixture of both onsite and remote monitoring. This security solution system is more effective and provides savings compared to having a full-time on-site security guard monitoring your business.

Remote security systems can include an extensive range of equipment that can be customized to a business’s individual security needs. Some parts of a security system include:

  • DVR/NVR for video storage
  • Surveillance cameras (megapixel, IP, thermal, etc.)
  • Mics and speakers
  • Lights, often motion activated
  • Analytics software
  • Alarm sensors and other sensors needed
  • Battery and power backup
  • Towers to mount equipment on


One reason that remote security services are gaining popularity with business is the cost-effectiveness of having a remote guard in place, over the price of a security officer on the ground. The security company would develop a security needs assessment to provide your company with information about the type of security that is required for your business.

If you begin using remote security in your business, you will also find benefits in the following areas:

  • Area monitoring
  • Prevention and deterrent of theft and vandalism
  • Object, people and vehicle tracking
  • Intrusion detection and deterrent

Surveillance 24-Hours a Day

Another benefit to remote security service is the around the clock service, with remote security in place your company can have a security officer keep an eye over for your facility that do not require an on-site guard, even in the night when the risk for criminal activity and theft increases.  The technology available today allows for security facilities to have access to analytic software that evaluates real-time video feeds from multiple sources to look for objects and then alert a guard to a detection of somebody you don’t want on the premises. Once a guard is alerted to the presence of the intrusion, the guard can take action in a fast manner before too much damage is done.

Extension of Coverage

A great benefit of remote security services is the range of coverage of an area by one security room. This is when remote security becomes a practical use when you do not need a physical presence at every door, and to help the budget. By having one or two guards monitoring cameras and keeping an eye out on more massive parts of the company, they can quickly scan cameras, use audio systems to communicate with someone attempting to enter a restricted area before there is a need to send in security guards on foot to respond to a situation.

Final Thoughts

Remote security services can be the correct solution and most effective method to provide your company with the security it needs.  Having a remote security system can also assist your company in detecting threats to your facilities such as fires, high carbon dioxide levels, and intrusions. A significant benefit of a remote security service is the peace of mind for your business.

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