Why So Many Young People Are Looking to Marketing as a Career


Choosing which degree to pursue and consequently which career to end up in is one of the most challenging parts of early adult life. With more and more people concerned about student debt and the job market, many young people are eschewing degrees in things like the arts in favor of those that appear to have defined career paths at the end of them, and where there appears to be a lot of demand for workers. Marketing is a very popular choice these days, both for students and for people who are looking for entry level jobs they can get without a degree and move up in through  experience.

Here are some of the reasons why marketing degrees and jobs are so appealing to young people  today:

It Is Easy to Study at  Home

Marketing is something that can be studied without the need for practical resources, like a lab or materials. This means it is well suited to studying over the internet, so it can be possible to find a good college offering online marketing degree programs, and avoid a lot of the expense (and debt) of going to do a degree on campus. It also means it can be studied part time, so even people who already have entry level marketing jobs in things like telemarketing can pursue the degree at the same time as gaining experience in the  field.

It Is Never Likely to become a Redundant  Function

All businesses need to market themselves, and as we become more and more reliant on things like social media, blogs and mobile tech, marketing becomes more complex and specialized. This means good marketing professionals are in huge demand, and this isn’t something that is likely to change due to offshoring or technological  advancements.

It Is Fast  Paced

Things change all the time in marketing, with an approach that worked well a few years ago being completely ineffective now. Good marketing professionals have to keep in tune with the trends and technology, and the best are able to innovate. This tends to appeal to a generation who are used to fast, tangible  progress.

It Involves  Psychology

A lot of people find psychology interesting, but career wise it can be a bit of a woolly thing to major in (unless you want to go all the way and become a psychiatrist). In marketing, you get to learn practical psychology to help plan things that will engage people in the right way, and this can be fascinating as well as  useful.

You Can Be an  Entrepreneur

In an unstable job market, we have seen that more and more people are starting their own small businesses. As a marketing professional, you can work as a self employed consultant, start your own agency, or even start an unrelated business and use your knowledge to handle marketing it  yourself.

These are just a few reasons why marketing is a very inviting area for young people to go  into.

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