Why Teenagers love Instagram and Snapchat so Much

Teenagers spend a lot of time over internet, and some teenagers use it to for productive things, and some don’t. But scrolling through social media applications, has been one of the favourite past time activities of a lot of people. And when we talk about teenagers, majority of them spend time over social media.

Social media applications such Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, etc., have engaged millions of young kids, and scrolling through feeds as well as having a handle over all these platforms isn’t new now. More prominent and engaging out of the above list have been, Instagram and Snapchat.

Snapchat is a platform, which is used by a lot of teenagers, for its camera facility. It has got some of the most exciting filters and lenses, which help in improving the image quality. Other than that, every day if friends send snaps to each other, then there will be a streak between them, and the number will increase with each passing day.

But when it comes to Instagram, most of the youngsters are using that platform in today’s date, and it’s all about posting content over it.

Certainly, amongst teenagers, there is a lot of craze for Instagram and they are very keen on sharing their lives with others, with the people. Posting photos and videos, and then getting a greater number of Instagram likes is one of the reasons, teenagers are glued to this social media platform.

Even on Instagram, there are features such as posting stories, and clicking pictures with filters of choice. Other than that, Instagram also provides the user with a feature of texting friends. Direct message is the name of the feature, and replying to stories, can lead a user to direct messages.

A place where the user can share his photos and videos, along with seeing other people’s photos too. And along with those features, uploading and viewing stories, scrolling through memes and texting friends are also the important reasons because of which Instagram has been part of the trend. But apart from all these features, the main reason why a lot of teenagers use this is because of the visuals and graphics they get to see over the application.

Well as true as the fact appears, a lot of people spend time over Instagram, in consuming the content that is produced by other people. But on the other hand, there are also teenagers who are excited about producing content. Some teenagers look at Instagram as a great business option too, as Instagram also provides the feature of creating a business account, which can help further in building a career out of Instagram.

They start sharing content over Instagram, and even a lot of brands and start-ups have started their career over Instagram. Sharing photos related to their work, and also keeping the audience engaged with their work, is something which brings the branding tools into the game.

And getting the maximum number of Instagram likes is also something, which also boosts up the sales and helps in enhancing the brand image. You can find many vendors offering to buy Instagram likes and their rates for high-quality likes are relatively cheap, and that’s why this social platform is considered one of the easiest to market your business or to grow yourself popular on.

Instagram has also provided career opportunities to influencers and people from all sorts of industries.

More than that, Instagram has also been considered as a great option for shopping also. As more and more brands have popped up over the platform, they have also created a fan base, and therefore frequent advertisements of products and services have drawn a lot of customers over to their page. And therefore, online purchasing of products and even selling of products and services has been part of the trend, for quite a while now. Other than that, Instagram and Snapchat both provide calling and video calling options. And therefore, for connectivity also, they have been trusted by teenagers.

As it turns out, social media sites have attracted a lot of people towards them, and Instagram and Snapchat are two platforms which have got millions of users. The main reasons of this participation are clicking photos with their unique filters, and also sharing it with others. In lesser proportions, there are also other reasons why teenagers spend their time over Snapchat and Instagram.

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