Why York University Accommodation Is the Best Choice for Students


York is one of the most popular destinations in Canada, which attract a large student population from all over the world. The destination is an enjoyable place to study and has been praised for its approach to higher education. York offers an enchanting environment for students with education and all the extracurricular they could wish for. The destination features several higher educational institutions including York University and Seneca College, which is also known as Seneca@York. If you have selected your course of study at York University, the next thing to do is to decide where you want to live during your  studies.

Finding a suitable accommodation is an important part of feeling at home in the city. The universities in York are known for their high standard of accommodation which can help students settle into the University life and independent living. For instance, York University housing offers upscale amenities, luxurious community, and premium location to ensure student living experience is unmatched. Although, there is a range of York University accommodation options that are located near the campuses. One of the high-quality options is ‘Quad’, a university housing is located at the corner of Sentinel Road and The Pond Road, on the south part of the Keele Campus of York  University.

Nothing compares to the convenience and accessibility of being on campus. When you live on campus in a place like York University housing, you will get first-hand access to essentials such as the library and your faculty. Living on a campus in a Quad at York University will help you live a simpler student life. You won’t need to manage financial obligations of living off campus. Most students who live in a campus accommodation have better academic performance because they have time to focus on their education. They also have more opportunities for a social life by mingling with like-minded students and participating in a campus organization. You can build life-long friendships with other students from Canada and around the  world

Quad at York University is a fantastic place to live and it is built to put student right in the center of the University’s student facilities, academic studies, and social services. The accommodation is one of the most sustainable developments with a sociable environment. It provides a hugely welcoming environment for students who wants to live away from home and helps to get their university journey off to the perfect start. The Quad consists of two buildings which feature about 812 bedrooms – single, shared, double and quad units. Both Seneca@York and York University students can rent any of these  rooms.

This university housing facility offers a fully ‘amenitized’ living and features a wide variety of modern amenities such as wireless internet, private kitchenette, well-appointed suites, laundry facilities, business center, multiple lounges, fitness center, and bike repair shops. York University students find this comfortable, spacious and quiet housing more comfortable compared to other housing available in other universities. Quad offers a more independent student lifestyle.

The housing complex is surrounded by several restaurants, shopping malls, and device outlets. The residential building is all about relaxation and community. It has several lounges equipped with many entertainment facilities. Additional amenities include parking lots, landscaped courtyards, bike storage and bike repair shops, large communal areas and access  controls.

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