BREAKING NEWS: Will Anyone Replace Boehner?

Media Wrap Up


In spite of widespread dissatisfaction among the GOP rank and file in the US House, it was a forgone conclusion that Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) would likely replace Speaker Boehner.  Today, he has announced he is not pursuing the position, creating a leadership crisis among  Republicans.

The problem with McCarthy is that he is, in many respects, a “mini-me” of John Boehner and he was facing a coup attempt even before being chosen by the GOP caucus.  As a result, the drum will likely begin to beat louder for Paul Ryan (R-WI) to take the position, in spite of remaining firm in his stance that he does not want the position.  The choice of Ryan seems logical, although a more establishment member of the GOP he, understands the more conservative wing.  Furthermore, he has an excellent rapport with all factions of the caucus.  Mentored by his former boss, the late Jack Kemp (R-NY), Ryan understands the importance of the “big tent” concept, especially in maintaining harmony in the House.  Most speculate that Ryan doesn’t want the post because it is too toxic or he simply has bigger ambitions (a future run for the White  House).

Regardless of his motives, the GOP has a serious leadership crisis in the US House and it is creating the type of vacuum that could keep Boehner in the post indefinitely.  Here is the media wrap up.



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