Will Postal Bill Passed Out of Committee Endanger Quality of Rural Mail Service?

By: Jeremy Morris, Associate Editor, USDR

Mark Strong, President of the National League of Postmasters said today “H.R. 2748, which was reported out of committee last night would endanger the quality of mail service in rural America by lowering the standard of quality to which the Postal Service must adhere.”  H.R. 2748 is sponsored by Congressman Darrell Issa (R CA), chairman of the House Government Reform and Oversight Committee.

Speaking from the League’s 110th Convention in San Diego, Strong said “H.R. 2748 also eliminates the public policy provision in the law that ensures that urban and rural Americans receive parity in mail services.”  “Under H.R. 2748, rural citizens would inevitably become second-class citizens,” added Strong.  “Before the House passes this bill, this provision should be removed,” concluded Strong.”

“In addition to lowering the quality of rural mail service, H.R. 2748 does not protect small rural post offices,” said Strong.  “While HR 2748 purported to include Congressman Adrian Smith’s (R NE) Rural Postal Services Act, a measure that did protect small rural post offices, H.R. 2748 incorporated Smith’s bill in a way that effectively gutted much of the bill’s protections.”

Under H.R. 2748, residents of small rural towns could end up without the ability to send from their hometown a care package to their son or daughter who is serving overseas in the military, or who is away at college.  This is because H.R. 2748 would allow rural communities to be served solely by contract stations, which do not offer all the services of a full service Post Office.

Founded in 1887, The National League of Postmasters represents postmasters from all quarters in America, but since its beginning has always been a strong voice for rural post offices and the residents of rural America that they serve.

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