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Recently, Liberty Institute on behalf of its client Jeanette Golden of Hemphill, TX, and Texas Department of Transportation (TXDOT) officials jointly announce that the Ten Commandments sign Golden placed on her property along State Highway 21 is exempt from a state regulation prohibiting non-commercial signs on private property.

Prior to the rule change, which became official today, non-commercial signs such as Golden’s were not permitted in Texas, even though commercial signs were allowed with a license and permit.  In May 2014, Golden complained to TXDOT that the regulation violated the Constitution, federal and Texas law.  In response, TXDOT agreed to amend the regulation by creating an exemption for non-commercial signs such as Golden’s.  Under the new rule, signs that do not exceed 96 sq. ft. in size, sit on private property and do not promote a business are allowed without a license or permit.  Golden’s Ten Commandment’s sign is 72 sq. ft. Follow this link to view a copy of TXDOT’s rule change letter:

“I always believed in my heart there would be a change in the rules that would allow me to keep my sign, as well as other Texans wanting to express their religious views on their own property.  As it states on my sign: “With God, all things are possible,” Golden said.

Liberty Institute Senior Counsel Mike Berry said, “We applaud TXDOT’s willingness to work with Mrs. Golden to make this a win-win situation.  This rule change will benefit all Texans who value liberty.  And we commend TXDOT’s commitment to religious freedom and private property rights, which are the most sacred rights Texans and Americans enjoy, dating back to the founding of Texas and our nation.”

SOURCE Liberty Institute

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