Wondering How To Make Email Marketing Work For You? Use These Simple Strategies

Studies suggest that more than 144 billion emails are sent daily! It implies that email marketing still is one of the prominent business communication channels. Every brand today wants to be successful in email marketing. For this, brands need to concentrate on reducing the number of subscribers canceling their subscriptions, ensuring recipient engagement and also maintain a competent brand image. You also need an apt email marketing strategy that will work for  you.

Knowing what makes your email message “stand out” from the rest is essential for a marketing strategy to work. Do you want your emails to be clicked and read, rather than being omitted? If yes, then here are few smart inbox-tested tactics for email marketing, backed up with practicality and  logic.

  1. Customize the email without making use of the recipient’s  name

Have you been starting your email with “Dear (Name of the recipient)”? If yes, then you need to rethink about this approach. Contrary to popular opinion, customizing email greetings isn’t always effective as it’s touted to  be.

Recent research conducted by Temple’s Fox School of Business reveals that this personalization can work against your favor. Today, there are cybersecurity issues such as phishing, credit card fraud, and identity theft. Customers might become wary of emails having personal  greetings.

A strong aspect of email marketing is bonding! Does your customer/recipient trust you? Are they aware of your identity? When an email sounds exceptionally familiar, the personalization raises the alarm than interest. Familiarity is earned over time. And the same rule follows with email marketing as  well.

However, this doesn’t mean all kinds of personalization are off-limits. A particular type of customization can work very well. That is creating an email acknowledging the recipients’ individuality, such as his/her purchase  history.

So, what’s the take away here? You need to implement personalization as a strategy in a meaningful way. It’s more useful to forward personalized email specific to a customer’s history and need. If you want professional assistance on this in Orlando, you can reach out to a leading Orlando SEO Company and get expert guidance on the  same.

  1. 8:00 pm until midnight is the ideal time to send  email 

You can create several quality emails during the business day hours. However, emails that are sent at night get the best open rates. Studies highlight that emails get the best responses anytime between 8:00pm until midnight. This time frame has fetched excellent results for open standards, sales and click through. The optimal mailing time usually depends on inbox crowding and the customer’s behavior as  well.

Furthermore, deployment times of various marketers and inbox crowding work hand-in-hand. When your emails get sent along with few others, it has a better chance to get noted. And optimal mailing for the consumers’ requirement is entirely up to you. You have to test and experiment the way your customers respond when they open the  email.

  1. The aspect of long and short subject  lines

Often, people wonder on how to create the appropriate subject line. And here’s one thing you must avoid, and that is having a subject line between 60 and 70 characters. Marketers identify this as a “dead zone” of a subject  line.

Research by Adestra that tracked more than 900 million emails suggests that there’s zero increase in either clickthrough or open rates when your email subject line is between 60 and 70  characters.

However, subject lines with over 70 and more characters led to more engagement regarding click through the content. And interestingly, subject lines with 49 and more characters were tested to have better open  rates.

Hence, the question to address here is this – Would you wish to enhance boost clicks or open rates? The smart solution is to keep it short for better open standards and long for click-throughs. However, you need to avoid the 60 to 70-character  limit.

  1. Mobile open rates contribute 47% for all email open  rates

The mobile-opens contribute to a 47% of every email opens according to latest researches. For instance, if your email list adds to about $100,000 sales per month, it wouldn’t be reasonable for you to shell out $44,000, just because the email appears trendy on a mobile  device!

Hence, make sure that your email appears excellent regardless of whether you open it in a mobile interface or desktop. The idea is to design it responsively. The following designing tips might  help:

  • You can transfer the email to a single column template for all kinds of simple mobile fixes
  • Increase the font size of the email for enhanced reliability on Smartphone devices
  • Make it a point to adhere to the iOS guidelines on the buttons being at least 44 pixels tall by 44 pixels wide when creating your email content for iPhone
  • Create an easy call to actions for the audience to click on easily. Keeping it above the fold is a good idea.
  • Say yes to ergonomics. Many users scroll and tap using their thumbs. Hence, ensure the crucial “tap-able” aspects of the email are positioned in the middle.
  1. Email still scores over Twitter and  Facebook

Although, social media might come across as a new age word of mouth publicity tool or a platform; nevertheless, having said that email marketing still has its firm hold! There was a study conducted by Social Twist over a span of 18 months managing 119 referral campaigns from favorite companies and  brands.

The finding was an interesting one. It revealed that email has a huge advantage over Facebook and Twitter to convert new consumers. From the 30,000 referrals that successfully turned to consumers, about 50.8% has been reached by email. The count reached via Twitter was 26.8%, and Facebook was 22%. Email still rules supreme when it comes to  conversions.

The online market today is a dynamic and competitive one. Brands and start-ups are always experimenting with new mediums and tools to increase their customer base and experience better  ROI.

Email marketing as a conventional marketing tool is here to stay, because of the ample benefits that it brings. However, when you keep in mind the aspects mentioned above, you will be convinced that with the right strategies email marketing will work wonders for  you.

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