Working Through Change at 60 Plus

By Center for Productive Longevity, Special for  USDR

The addition of 30 years from beginning to end of the 20th century has been called its greatest gift. Gifts are intended to be appreciated and put to good use. This event has been organized to focus on how people 50 and older (50+), as well as younger ones, can benefit from this great gift to the maximum  degree.

The goal of this event on positive aging, which will be held at the West View Recreation Center in Westminster on Thursday, June 23, is to provide participants with a broad range of options (some not previously considered) on how they can be actively engaged in this next phase of their extended longevity. From experts in the field of aging, you will learn about new paths and initiatives that will offer the opportunities to engage your Purpose, Passion and Perseverance–the three  Ps.

The reality is that a substantial majority of people 50+ have been involved in productive activities for the past 20-30 years. They have obtained Experience, Expertise, Seasoned judgment, and Proven performance–termed DoubleESP™. Rather than being over the hill and out of the game, they are on top of the hill with the opportunity to view the various vistas and select a path that will engage their three  Ps.

The charge to help cover expenses is $30. Register at at your earliest opportunity as participants will be limited to  75.

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