Writers provide a list of often used corporate terms in “The Devil’s Dictionary”

By US Daily Review Staff.

Every professional industry has words and phrases that only insiders know. Sometimes it’s innocent jargon but some industries use terms, like corporate angel, corporate zombie and corporate fat cat, to describe the characters prevalent in their world. In “The Devil’s Dictionary of Corporate Lingo: Corporate Angel to Corporate Zombie,” Jerry Bains, David Mostyn and Guido Reinke use their unique insider knowledge of the corporation to produce a satirical dictionary of corporate lingo.

This book discusses the often used terminology that replaces actual names, places, events or other specific information that shouldn’t be discussed in an open forum. This book explains how employees on the inside talk to each other over “corporate catch-up coffee”, but being insiders, they know better than to reveal their innermost feelings.

“The Devil’s Dictionary of Corporate Lingo” marks the 100th anniversary of the publication of the classic, original book, “The Devil’s Dictionary” by Ambrose Bierce. The book uses cartoons to illustrate nearly one-third of the definitions. The cartoons are some of the highest quality business cartoons, and few publications can boast having more than 40 cartoons referring to business topics within one cover.

“The Devil’s Dictionary of Corporate Lingo” is a light-hearted satire with realistic information about how corporations function from a social standpoint. It provides the colorful terminology and nicknames given to characters that work for and run the multi-million dollar corporations that largely affect the global economy. Insiders will be able to recognise characters and situations that they can easily relate to, while outsiders will learn the light-hearted lingo used to describe corporate co-workers.

Having been employees of large corporations for years, the authors have been eyewitnesses to the people and events described in this big-business lingo. Between themselves or their coworkers, they have seen each definition used at some point throughout their career.

“We have listened to friends and colleagues that complain about similar workplaces, situations and bosses, so we have both first and second-hand experience of big corporations. Most people tend to be bitter in their complaints, but we have chosen to see things in a more humorous light,” Bains and Reinke say.

“The Devil’s Dictionary of Corporate Lingo: Corporate Angel to Corporate Zombie” is available for sale online at Amazon.com and other channels.

About the Authors: David Mostyn has illustrated books and other publications for more four decades that have been used by many publishers and advertising agencies, such as Oxford University Press, Penguin and Saatchi. He has appeared on BBC television and at the Edinburgh Festival.

Guido Reinke, a certified auditor and fraud investigator, has worked in a wide array of professional services firms and global corporate clients.

Jerry Bains is a freelance writer and editor, whose background is in law and the liberal arts.

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