Yard Force: Cleaning up Fall Leaves Like Never Before


Beautiful fall trees soon become daunting leaf clean up. SUMEC provides the key tool for quick and easy fall clean up, the Yard Force Leaf Shredder (Model YF8000). This unique tool provides the perfect solution to reduce mounds of leaves while creating an end product that is organic vitamin-rich mulch that acts as a great fertilizer for gardens or  compost.

“The Yard Force Leaf Shredder is a time saver for consumers! Instead of hauling away loads of leaves, consumers easily shred them, reducing the amount of leaf bags from 12 down to 1! Shredded leaves are ideal for garden and compost piles.” ~ Katherine King, Sales & Marketing Manager, SUMEC North  America

The Yard Force Leaf Shredder is durable, stable and lightweight making it easy to move to the leaf piles. The Yard Force Leaf Shredder features adjustable legs which provide balance and stabilization on uneven ground. Assembly and disassembly is made simple and effortless without utilizing tools. It even stacks inside each other for compact  storage.

The Yard Force Leaf Shredder YF8000 uses electric power, which means that it does not emit harmful chemicals into the atmosphere while shredding leaves. Adjustable setting allows for the shredding of both wet and dry leaves. It comes with a Bonus kit that includes: hand rakes for easier leaf pick up, replacement string line for blade-less mulching system and safety goggles. The Leaf Shredder YF8000 is back by a 2-Year  Warranty.

Pricing &  Availability
The Yard Force Leaf Shredder YF8000 is available for $129 from online retailers including  http://www.ForceToolsUSA.com.

Learn More about Yard Force
To learn more about the Yard Force Leaf Shredder YF8000, please visithttp://www.YardForceUSA.com or on YouTube.com search: Yard Force YF8000 Leaf  Shredder.

Yard Force is the one-brand solution for electric and gas Outdoor Power  Equipment.

SUMEC North America is a manufacturer of innovative outdoor power equipment for a broad range of users across the globe. Yard Force brand products can be purchased in national retailers and online throughout the US and  Canada.

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