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Thomas Edison patented 1093 devices at the U.S. Patent office, almost all of which were turned into commercial products during his lifetime. At his death in 1931, fully one sixth of the American workforce was employed in the manufacture and distribution of Thomas Edison invented products.
Edison used his superconscious mind continually throughout his entire career to solve unsolvable problems and achieve historic breakthroughs in electricity, motion pictures, sound recording and transmission, and hundreds of other areas. Although he was deaf, he would take regular naps during the day to access his superconscious mind for insights that led to his numerous inventions.

The Great Law

Whenever you see a great and inspiring work of art, read a piece of classic literature or a beautiful poem, hear an extraordinary piece of music or see a remarkable building or construction, you are witnessing the result of the superconscious in action.
The Law of Superconscious Activity, perhaps the most important mental law ever discovered, is this: ““Any thought, plan,goal or idea held continuously in the conscious mind must inevitably be brought into reality by the superconscious mind.””

Just think! Anything that you really want to be, have or do is possible for you. If you can be absolutely clear about what it is and then access your superconscious mind on a regular basis, you will eventually achieve it. The only limits on what your superconscious mind can do for you are the limits that you place on your own mind and imagination.

The Right Operating Conditions

Your superconscious mind operates best when you are in a mental state of calm, confident, relaxed expectation. Whenever you practice relaxation and solitude, completely letting go of all your cares, and sit quietly, or commune with nature, your superconscious mind begins to function.
Whenever you “go into the silence” and listen to the still, small voice within you, you begin to hear the whisperings of your super conscious mind.

Your intuition is the equivalent of that supercomputer in the basement of your new home. This is your connection and your contact with the superconscious mind. Sometimes your intuition willspeak to you so loudly in the silence that the idea or insight it brings you will change your entire life.

The Greek scientist, Archimedes, had a superconscious flash of inspiration about the displacement of objects while sitting in his bath. He became so excited that he leaped from the bath and ran naked through the streets of Athens shouting “Eureka!”(“I have found it!”). This is how you often feel when you have a great idea or insight that solves a problem or moves you toward your goal.

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