You’re So Vain, You Probably Think This Poll is About You

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By Living Social, Special for US Daily Review.

How good looking do you think you are?  A new LivingSocial local trends survey conducted among more than 4,000 respondents by Mandala Research found that most Americans think they are well above average in looks, with one in three (32%) rating themselves an 8, 9, or a 10 and more than half (56%) saying they deserve at least a 7, on a scale of 1-10.

Looking at those around them, however, Americans are much less sympathetic, with half of respondents (50%) saying people in their city are overweight, only 46% agreeing that women in their city are beautiful, and only one in three (36%) saying that men in their city are handsome.

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, apparently, as long as the beholder is looking in a mirror at the time,” said LivingSocial local trends expert Amy Wolf.  “When most Americans look at the people around them, however, they are less generous in their assessments.  Little surprise that cosmetic procedures and spa treatments have become a personal oasis to escape from the looks-driven arms race around them.”

Among findings of the survey:

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A Nation of Vanity:  On a scale from 1-10 in looks, respondents
say that they believe other people would rate them a:
One 3%
Two 2%
Three 3%
Four 4%
Five 16%
Six 16%
Seven 24%
Eight 20%
Nine 5%
Ten 7%

America’s Vainest Cities:  The nation’s ten vainest cities, by self-rating, were:  Miami (#1), Chicago (#2), Atlanta (#3),Philadelphia (#4), Phoenix (#5), Los Angeles (#6), Seattle (#7), Washington, D.C. (#8), New York (#9), and Tampa-St. Petersburg (#10).

America’s Most Insecure Cities:  The cities that gave themselves the lowest ratings in looks were:  Cleveland (last), Dallas(second to last), Detroit (third to last), Denver (fourth), Minneapolis-St. Paul (fifth).

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Judging Others: When asked about the looks of the other local residents of their
cities, the following percentage of respondents agreed with each statement.
People in my city have tattoos 59%
People in my city are overweight 50%
People in my city are athletic 47%
Women in my city are beautiful 46%
People in my city are superficial 36%
Men in my city are handsome 36%
People in my city dress badly 28%
Men in my city are metrosexual 22%
People in my city have bad personal hygiene 19%
Men in my city are short 18%
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Most Common Cosmetic Procedures: Percent of respondents who
said they knew someone who had the following cosmetic procedure:
Breast implants 23%
Laser hair removal 20%
Botox/Dysport 13%
Tummy tuck 13%
Nose job/rhinoplasty 12%
Liposuction 12%
Facelift 12%
Eyelid surgery 10%
Collagen injections 8%
Hair transplant 8%
Lip enhancement 6%
Brow lift 6%
Butt implant 4%
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Most Common Beauty/Relaxation Activities: Percentage
of respondents who said they had taken part in the following
beauty or relaxation activities in the last year:
Hair coloring/highlights 45%
Manicure/pedicure 43%
Massage 43%
Visit to spa 32%
Facial 28%
Teeth whitening 27%
Wax (hair removal) 24%
Tanning 18%
Spray tan 11%

The LivingSocial Vanity survey is part of LivingSocial’s ongoing efforts to discover and share information about local social trends and behavior.


The LivingSocial Vanity survey was conducted in November 2011 among 4,000 online Americans in the top 20 media markets (DMAs) by Mandala Research, LLC.  Respondents were not limited to LivingSocial members.  The survey was conducted online.

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