3 Details Every Perfectly Appointed Guest Room Has in Common

Your guest bedroom may be the most underutilized room in your house, but you shouldn’t necessarily slack off on the details. Although you won’t have people sleeping in your guest room every night, providing luxurious amenities and appointments keeps your guests comfortable while also providing a nice touch to your home. If you’re planning on upgrading or improving your guest room ahead of visitors, discover some tips that will make the room feel like a boutique  bed-and-breakfast.

Comfort  Items

Every guest in your home has different ideas of comfort, making it difficult to ascertain where to set the thermostat or how to control humidity. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to help your guests get comfortable. During warmer temperatures, a desk fan or oscillating pedestal fan can help them get comfortable during bedtime. Colder winter weather may warrant added blankets or a space heater to keep them at  ease.

Don’t hesitate to consider other comfort factors in the guest room as well. Humidity plays an important role in many homes, regardless of the season. The ideal indoor home humidity lies between 30 and 50 percent, which isn’t always easy to maintain. With a home humidifier, you can help maintain the proper humidity level while also improving indoor air quality for your  guests.

Luggage  Storage

When you have guests visiting, you want to give them some place to store their luggage so that they aren’t tripping over it every time they head off to bed. Luggage storage also gives them the ability to organize their clothes and other items so that they aren’t fumbling through their items to find a pair of shorts or a toothbrush. To solve this problem, consider a luggage rack or luggage storage  area.

You can make decorative luggage racks or find ones that match your room decor. You can make them permanent fixtures in the room or foldable so that you can stow them when your guests aren’t around. Luggage racks are simply one of those little niceties that go a long way toward improving your guests’ comfort and  convenience.

Excellent  Lighting

Lighting is one of the most overlooked yet essential items in a guest room. Without proper lighting, your visitors can have difficulty maneuvering in the dark or finding a light for computing or reading. If possible, use floor lamps to supplement your flush-mount ceiling lights or fan lights. This arrangement also allows you to more easily read or lounge if you have a lounge chair in the  room.

Another must-have lighting fixture is a desk lamp. With a desk lamp on the nightstand, your guests don’t have to fumble around to find a light if they have to take a nighttime trip to the bathroom or want to read or use the computer before  bedtime.

Creating the perfect guest room doesn’t require you to spend large sums of cash in the process. With a few touches and some of your own creativity, you can turn a lackluster room into one your visitors will want sleep in each time they’re in  town.

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