3 Exciting Meal Kit Options for Vegans

The market has seen a profusion of meal kit delivery services since 2012. Each of these services caters to a unique clientele, with specialty diets and tailored preferences. Some meal kit delivery services focus on providing organic ingredients, others on family meals. In today’s post, we’re going to focus on the ideal meal kit delivery services for vegans. These food-service options can be compared according to price, the quality of the product, and the vegan dish variety on  offer.

Before getting started, it’s important to understand what a vegan diet is all about. Then we can understand what vegan meal kits should include. Simply stated, vegan diets are plant-based food regimens. There are no animal-derived components in vegan diets. Vegan meals do not include seafood, dairy, meat, or  eggs.

As a vegan, you may feel somewhat limited in terms of your food variety. Fortunately, there are scores of available meal kits services that cater expressly to your needs. This is a lifestyle choice that is increasing in popularity, and many food companies now provide a diverse range of offerings specifically for vegans. Believe it or not, vegan meals are delicious, nutritious, and affordably priced. Below is our ranking of the premier vegan meal kits services currently available on the  market:
Green Chef Meal Kits
Natural ingredients form the bedrock of all meals prepared by Green Chef. It is ranked as one of the finest vegan menu providers in the market. All their ingredients are 100% organic, and they are sustainably sourced as well. There is a 2-person plan known as the Vegan Plan. In the box, there are 3 sumptuous dinners designed for 2 people. That means there are 6 meals per  box.

The Cost of Green Chef Meal Kits Services is affordable, especially with the Green Chef Vegan Plan. It costs just $11.99 per person, per meal. There is a shipping charge of $9 for each  box.
Sun Basket Meal Kits  Services
Sun Basket is one of the leading providers of meal kits services in the world. They offer a Classic Plan which includes a Vegan Plan. The Vegan Plan provides 3 meals per week for 2 – 4 people. All of the recipes are meat free, with 100% organic seasonal produce, proprietary sauces, and plant-based  proteins.

The Purple Carrot Meal Kits  Services

As its namesake suggests, it is expressly for vegans. In fact, the Purple Carrot is the only meal kits services provider that caters expressly to vegans. All of their food is farm fresh and sustainably sourced. Their plant-based meals are eco-friendly, and delicious to the last mouthful. The Purple Carrot has a company vision of plant-based culinary preferences being a mainstream  phenomenon.

Pricing for the Purple Carrot Meal Kits is affordable at just $12 per meal for the 1 person – 2 person meal kits plan. If you opt for the 3 person – 4 person meal plan, it costs $10 per meal. The B12 performance plan retails at $13 per meal. The good thing about The Purple Carrot meal kits services is that there are no shipping  charges.

And there you have it! The top 3 vegan meal kit delivery services on the market. In our humble opinion, it is always better to sample as many different vegan meal kits services as you can, to make the best choice for your palate. There is plenty of diversity in each of these vegan diets, and it’s worth your while taste testing before you settle on any one  provider.

Whatever your decision, you can rest assured that each of these 3 ranking vegan meal kits services is highly regarded. They will also make it easy for you to stick to your meal plan, without accidentally ingesting ingredients that don’t fit the vegan diet. Another benefit of these meal kits services is that you don’t have to allocate time and planning to prep meals for you and your family. It’s all done for you, and it arrives at your doorstep ready to be cooked. This is comfort, convenience and culinary satisfaction at its  best.

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