4 Most Important Things a Web Designer Should Keep In Mind

Creating a great website is a matter of knowing the right things to keep in mind throughout the process. The best web designers out there are the ones that are extremely knowledgeable in a multitude of areas, and not just one.

The result of their design process  is not only an attractive website but also an incredibly effective one. Take a look at some of the most important things that any good web designer should always have in mind.

Page Loading Times

One of the biggest complaints that people have about websites is the amount of time that they take to load. Creating a website that has a considerably long loading time is a one-way ticket to frustration for site visitors.

It’s important that you know how to optimize your graphics so that even slow connections are able to load the page at a reasonable speed. Between picking the right image formats to the right color layouts, knowing the best choices to make for fast loading times his crucial.

Keep It Simple

Many new web designers get too carried away when designing a web page. While it’s great to have a page that’s visually appealing, it’s also important that it is functional.

Make sure that along with design, you’re also thinking about functionality and simplicity. Most web design veterans lean towards clean and simple over complicated and confusing.  Don’t let your need to add too many components take away from the importance of a site that does its job.


When creating a website, the single most essential thing you should focus on is how the website navigates. You don’t want your users to get stuck on whatever page they’re on, . Therefore, when creating the site, it’s critical to keep the pages navigation scheme in the back of your mind.

For this reason, understanding navigation structure is incredibly important as a web designer. Although it may seem like common sense that you don’t want users to get stuck in one part of your website, you’d be surprised how many times it ends up happening.

The Right Fonts

A good designer knows the importance of a font. Choosing the wrong font can completely change the experience of your site. The wrong shapes or colors can confuse visitors and leave them wondering what exactly they’re looking at.

You’ll not only need to consider the font of the words you’re writing, but you also need to think how they are affected by the background which they’re posted on.  There are some color combinations that are extremely difficult on your eyes. The last thing you want is your website visitors to have to squint to be able to read what your site says.

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