4 Reasons to Study for Your Engineering Degree Online

Studying engineering at undergraduate level is an excellent choice; this popular STEM subject degree can cover a wide range of engineering specialties and sets graduates up for a high-demand career. Engineering is one of the highest-paid undergraduate degree programs, with graduates finding well-paid careers in various industries around the world. The most lucrative and prominent engineering disciplines include electrical, nuclear, chemical and computer engineering. And, of course, nothing will beat the sense of pride you’ll feel when you see a completed project after working on it for some time. Today, engineering can be studied both on-campus and online. We’ve taken a look at some of the main reasons why students are opting for online engineering degree  programs.

#1. Lower Tuition Fees:

So, you want to become an engineer, but the only thing holding you back is the massive cost of going to college. With the cost of higher education on the rise, it’s not uncommon for students to find themselves struggling to afford it, even after their parents have helped with savings, or whilst working to put themselves through school. Online engineering degrees aren’t free of charge, but they tend to be much cheaper at around a third of the on-campus price. Student loans, grants, and scholarships will still be available if needed for the Norwich University masters in civil  engineering.

#2. Work at Your Own Pace:

Instead of making sure that you’re keeping up with the rest of the class, studying online at Norwich University gives you the option of working at your own pace more often. Usually, there’s no set timeframe, but rather, a maximum amount of time that you are given to finish the program; what you do with that time is then up to you. This is a great option for adult learners who are working full- or part-time and need to study at times that are more convenient to them rather than the  college.

#3. Support Offered:

Every September, freshmen take to social media to lament the cost of textbooks. But, did you know that many online degree programs include some or even all textbooks in e-book format for you to download for free? Since online students are learning in an isolated environment, it makes sense that the amount of support given to them is often more than what you would get on campus. You will be able to reach your tutors via e-mail, text, web chat or video chat, benefitting from more ‘one to one’ time with them as a  result.

#4. Freedom and Flexibility:

Since your time is yours to do what you want with when studying for an online degree, you’ll have a lot more freedom than traditional on-campus students. You’ll still have some deadlines to work towards and perhaps exams that you’ll need to attend, but there will be no lectures, seminars or labs for you to attend each day. This is great for students who are moms, who work set hours or want to take advantage of the autonomy by traveling whilst they  study.

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