5 Homemade Gifts to Wow Your Best Friend With

There are three different categories of people who buying a perfect birthday present for can sometimes seem nigh on impossible – your partner, your family and your best  friend.

The best friend in particular is hard. You want to get them something that is thoughtful, funny and caring and at the same time shows them how much you value your friendship. Just how do you go about finding a gift that ticks all those  boxes?

One way is by shunning buying a gift in favor of making one. The time and effort that goes into making something truly unique to them can help to create a memorable present that will show them just how much you  care.

Here are five homemade gifts to wow your best friend  with.

Make a  scrapbook

Making a scrapbook of your friendship will serve to show your best friend just how important your bond is to you. Gather photos of the two of you, old tickets and write down your memories in a treasured book that will have you both welling up because of the realization of just how great your friendship is that it brings to you  both.

Make them some keyboard  art

Buy a cheap computer keyboard from a second-hand store and a block of wood and use the keys to spell out a message to your best friend by gluing them onto the wood. It’s a cheap and effective way to create a great piece of art that also tells your best friend just how much they mean to  you.

Design them a calendar with the highlights of years gone  by

Take a photo of you and your best friend from each month of a year gone by and use it to create their own personal calendar. If you’ve got a great photo of the two of you on a wild Christmas night out, use it for December. If they got married in June, use a photo from their wedding for that particular month. The calendar will serve as a constant reminder of all the fun the two of your have had through the years every time they go to use  it.

Create a cartoon of your friendship

You don’t have to be a talented artist to produce a high quality and entertaining comic strip these days. Software such as Rage Maker Faces allows you to put together hundreds of pre-drawn cartoons into a comic strip, complete with captions and text that can run to 20 slides. You can use it to create a cartoon of your friendship or some of the memorable times you’ve had together, giving you both a laugh at the same  time.

Create a bucket  list

The experts are divided on whether bucket lists are a good idea, but then again they probably haven’t considered the best friends bucket list. Take a notepad and write down all the activities you’ve ever talked about doing together, whether it be going to see your favorite band or musician perform live to a roaring weekend in Las Vegas. The bucket list will remind you of all the dreams you still have to live together and perhaps even bring you closer by making them more likely to  happen.

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