5 Mistakes to Avoid When Hiring Corporate Event Staffing


You know that pretty much any type of corporate event requires a team of stuff to serve through the evening or meeting. And basically success or failure of the evening depends on the quality of this staff drastically. So the question is how to hire reliable people to serve and ensure that your event goes well? There is no unified answer to the question, however there are common mistakes that you can avoid. Read some of them below and don’t repeat  any.

  1. Delaying the decision  process

According to professionals offering hostesses services in Toronto and Montreal delaying the decision process is one of the worst mistakes you can make. Once you know the date, scale, and venue of your event, call agencies to hire hostesses and corporate event staffing. The earlier you call, the more options to choose from you will have. Furthermore, keep in mind that agencies have their schedules too, so you will have to match theirs and yours. This takes time, so don’t lose  it!

  1. Not factoring in your brand’s  image

Corporate event staffing will be the face of your promotional company and event. Hostesses in Toronto and Montreal will be presenting your products at your best. But if you do not lead them into the basics of your company and products they will have nothing to talk about and the whole campaign will fail. Make sure that you consult your team as well as newcomers to  it.

  1. Not understanding your  needs

Before you get to the office of hostesses services in Toronto and Montreal you should know what you are looking for. Experts advise to make a list of your needs and requirements as well as preferences to minimize the time spent on choosing models for your event. Furthermore, don’t forget to take the whole plan of your event to the agency so that you can decide on the number of corporate event staffing required for  it.

  1. Not interviewing event  staff

After you have chosen the staff you still need to make one more step – personal interviews. You need to ensure that every member of the hostesses, models, servers, and even locker room staff understands the standards and requirements they need to satisfy. During the interviews you will be able to eliminate members you do not like or you think will not be of any use for your  event.

  1. Not sharing your company and product  information

And the final mistake here is not to get inside information about your products and services to the staff members. Remember that these people will be working for you to draw more clients but they will not be able to do so unless you give some background info about your products and company’s  values.

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