5 Mistakes to Avoid while Selecting Almirah Designs

Furniture that is used for storing clothes in the bedroom or dressing room is known as the almirah. They add glamour and aesthetic appeal when they are in perfect sync with the interior decoration of the room and the other existing sets of furniture. Creativity and selection of the correct material can make it the central masterpiece of your sweet home. A wide variety of almirah designs are available nowadays in the market but keep in mind to choose the one which best suits your purpose. Here is a list of some mistakes which you should avoid while selecting almirah designs:

  1. The height of the almirah should not be more than your height

Choose an almirah design that is of your height so that you can easily organize the top shelve without climbing a stool or a ladder. You can keep your stuff on the top shelve with ease. Children can’t reach this portion of your almirah because of height so you can use the space to keep important things safely. Design of your almirah should complement the bed design in your bedroom. Modular bedrooms from different online stores are worthy choices and you can buy mattresses online too to fit your bed that matches with the design of your almirah.

  1. Never ignore the flexibility factor

Make sure your almirah has tiny holes on the side that allow you to adjust shelves, rods, and drawers vertically. This adds flexibility to almirah designs. In case you need more space in one shelve you can make it big by just adjusting the shelves up-down.

  1. Avoid shallow shelves

This is to stack bigger t-shirts and longer shoes in proper position and not making them hang outwards. At the same time keep in mind that too deep shelving is not desirable as it is very difficult to get access to the deepest part and so it often remains unused. So over depth is as bad as shallow shelving.

  1. Avoid swing doors

These types of doors in your almirah need large rooms that will allow the door to open completely. On the other hand, stylish sliding doors, glide smoothly on dual tracks and saves space. They complement wider almirahs perfectly.

  1. Never rely on cheap unguaranteed manufacturing

A professionally trained designer knows how to balance between your needs and budget. He will do a guaranteed job and will use materials that will stand the taste of time. Local manufacturers may be comparatively cheap but lesser experience and training in no way can produce smart exclusive designs. So remember to hire an expert or buy from a reliable store either online or in the market place.


Designing an almirah is a tricky job and needs specialized skill. So it’s worth hiring an expert designer and enjoying a well-organized home. A cluttered almirah causes frustration. So not only designing the almirah is the only aspect to consider for an organized bedroom deco but regular cleaning and well-managed maintenance makes it beautiful and not an ugly mess.

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