5 Qualities an Ideal Tenant Should have

If you want to become a successful landlord, you have to go to great lengths to find qualified tenants for your units. A qualified tenant is financially responsible and pays rent on time, has good behaviours and takes care of your property. Finding a good tenant for your property will help you avoid costly evictions, non-payments and damage expenses.

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If you’re looking to rent out your property to an ideal tenant, here are some qualities the potential tenant must possess:

  1. Responsible

A good tenant should be responsible enough to pay rent and other bills on time. Also, the tenant should take care of the day-to-day maintenance issues of the property such as mowing the grass, changing filters and more. In addition, the tenant should notify you of potential issues that require your attention on time.

  1. Respectful

Apart from being responsible, the tenant should also be respectful. A disrespectful tenant is likely to pay their rent late, ask for concession every time and even damage your property. Also, they may become a nuisance to other renters on your property. You can tell whether a person is respectful or not even before they become your tenant. Always trust your instinct when meeting the tenant for the first time.

  • Stable income

A qualified tenant should have a stable income to afford the rent. If the tenant has a low or unstable income, he/she might struggle to pay rent on time. The rent should not exceed thirty percent of the tenant’s income. To be on the safer side, you should ensure income is one of the criteria for qualifying to rent the property.

  1. Honest

A dishonest tenant will not only lie about the rent but also the information on the application form. The best way to catch a deceitful tenant is by verifying the information provided. For instance, you can request a copy of a passport or any other legal document. Does the name and information match what is on the application form? Also, you should call the tenant’s employer to verify their income. You will be surprised that some people do not earn as much as they indicate on the application form.

  1. Clean

Everybody wants to live in a clean and nice place. However, some people are dirty and do not take care of their surroundings. You will not want a tenant that let the trash pile up and dispose of waste carelessly. Filth can attract pest which might affect other tenants on your property. So make sure your potential tenant likes and leads a clean lifestyle.

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