5 Reasons Why Your Small Online Business Could Fail While Studying


If you are a student currently studying for a bachelor of arts business administration degree at university, or you are simply taking advantage of online schools for business administration qualifications, then you’ll find that your small online business may suffer in the process. You could have everything under control while you are a student, but some students may forget about certain aspects which could lead to the failure of their small online business. Many students choose to set up an online business purely because it doesn’t require too much investment, and it could help them fund their way through university, and eventually turn into a full time business. If you are currently running a small online business, have a look at some of the reasons why it could fail if you are not  careful.

Not Enough  Time

A lot of students not only have to run their small online business, but they also have to do many other things during their week which takes up a lot of their time. Studying is of course one of the things that takes up a lot of time, but students may also need to work a part-time job as well, just to earn enough income to pay for their expenses, so a small online business could easily fail if you are not able to invest the time in it to  succeed.

Too Much  Stress

Making a small online business succeed can be a big stress in its own right, but if you mix that with the life of an average student then it can be even more stressful, and eventually it could be that a student just wants to concentrate on their university work instead of the  business.

Financial  Reasons

Many students set up an online business because, depending on their business, it doesn’t often require a lot of investment. As the business grows though, it could require more finance, which a lot of the time students do not have because they have spent their earnings on their university courses  instead.

University Work Can  Suffer

If you are studying, working part-time to cater for the costs, and trying to run a business at the same time, you will often find it will creep up on you and your university work can suffer from it. This is why a lot of students will often close their online business, just so they can get their head back into  studying.


There are those students that are very impatient, and expect their online business to succeed within its first few weeks, and that is when eventually a lot of students fail, because they no longer have the patience to run a business that is not yet  profitable.

The above are just some of the reasons why your online business could fail while you are studying at university, and there are plenty of other reasons too. This doesn’t mean your business won’t succeed though, and as long as you have the time, knowledge, resources, and patience, then there is no reason why your business won’t succeed whilst you are  studying.

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